Simply put, a master agent connects you to telecom & cloud solution providers but in reality, they do much more than that. A master agent takes on the back office and administrative work while paying out your commissions and providing you with a variety of different solutions for your clients, so you can focus on what matters most—sales.  Additionally, they provide you with pre and post-sales support ensuring you close those deals with the strongest agreements in teh industry. Essentially, a master agent is your partner in identifying new business opportunities while expanding your footprint with existing customers and helping you stay ahead of competition.

Below are three characteristics to look out for in choosing the right master agent:

Deep Expertise

A master agent with deep expertise means they know your business challenges and how to solve them, allowing you to save time and resources. Their knowledge and experience can help you diversify the solutions you want to offer your clients while getting you up to speed on various voice and data telecom offerings. The right master agent also provides you with unbiased feedback as to which provider would best meet your customer’s needs instead of pushing for one vendor over another.

Flexible Support and Compensation Models

A master agent should offer a range of sales support including flexible compensation models suited for your needs, whether you are seeking full or self-service options. Their knowledge and training can help you identify new recurring revenue streams making sure your commissions are actively protected. Furthermore, the right master agent will offer training and provide you with in person support to grow your client base and business.

Strong Contracts and Agreements

A strong partnership with the right master agent can give you access to a number of leading providers, helping you access the best rates, terms and conditions. Strong contracts and agreements are crucial in guaranteeing flexible commission and upfront payment for single and/or multiple deals. Depending on your business goals, they will recommend a provider and contract for you. Lastly, a strong master agent should also be able to sustain high growth over an extended period of time, showing you that they are reliable and dedicated to your success.

While these three indicators can tell you a lot about a master agent, finding the right partner is a crucial step in growing your business. For more insights on how to get started, head to our white paper, Checklist: How to Find the Right Master Agent for Your Business.