Summit 2022 Cybersecurity Panel

You hear a lot of scary stories around the topic of Cybersecurity, which is great because a little fear of a persistent growing threat can be a good thing. During this session, I was joined by our “self-proclaimed” company jokers, Senior Carrier Consultants Alex McBratney and Dustin Riedel, to give our audience the Security 101 treatment for salespeople.

The session was light but hit the sweet spot we were going for. I admit that I’m not the security expert; Eric Beller wears that hat at Sandler Partners. But it’s a fascinating topic that every organization needs and is a great opportunity for any of our Partners. So, let’s get back to those scary stories, bring them to the light of day, and address them.

Dustin ran through some stats: half of companies don’t have a plan for Cybersecurity, 60% of SMBs fail within six months of an event, the average ransomware payout is $233,817.30 (paid in untraceable cryptocurrency), and the global cost of cybercrime damage in 2021 was $16.4 billion (four times the evaluation of Slack)! There were more numbers, but you get the idea. (Download the presentation that comes with the replay and steal it for your own pitches.)

It’s easy to see why this category of technology is growing so fast, accounting for a larger and larger share of revenue. And at the same time, it’s becoming harder to find qualified professionals, particularly at the CISO/CSO level. But where there is need and demand, there will be supply and you! You bring the services and solutions to the organizations that are your customers (now and in the future). All you have to do is ask to get the ball rolling:

  • What are you doing for security?
  • Are you managing it or is someone else?
  • What gaps are you looking to fill?

And it doesn’t hurt to have a member of your team, the Sandler Partners Sales Engineers, along from the beginning or after you’ve broken the ice. You can book a meeting at any time with us, and we’ll help you make some money. It doesn’t matter what space you operate in, who your clients are, or why you currently aren’t selling security. You got this. It’s not as confusing, complicated, or involved as you may think it is. Getting the fundamentals down is actually kind of fun, and you know it pays dividends. Don’t forget that it’s a conversation that your customers are going to have, and if it’s not with you, it will be with someone else, and chances are you’ll be left out of a lot more conversations after that. So keep your customers; the fear is real all around!

Watch the full session to hear a lively Q&A that you can probably relate to and a fairly thorough 101 walk-through of the terms and concepts you need to know to hold your own and get started in your Cybersecurity sales practice. Not bad for a session that wasn’t even an hour in length.


Want to learn more about getting your Cybersecurity game up to speed, the support you can receive from the Sales Engineering team or hop on an initial orientation call – email me directly at [email protected]. You can also learn more about the team by visiting the Sales Engineering page on our website, or reach out to [email protected] and we’ll get right back to you!


Andrew Rustad

Andrew is the Director, Sales Engineer - East and is well respected and highly regarded. Andrew has an innate ability to assess critical business issues and deliver highly effective solution(s) that meet customer’s needs. With 20+ years of experience working with companies large and small, he’s an important Partner resource for growing business.