Sandler Partners National Summit

In Alan’s opening remarks, the conversation was serious, yet positive, noting disruptive moves – including consolidation/changes in ownership – that have shifted or obstructed, for many, the focus away from the actual solutions, expertise, and customers need to directly solve their business problems. The entry of Venture Capital into the channel, in particular, stands out with its impact on the companies involved, and how it’s often just the start of a larger sequence of mergers and acquisitions that require long time periods to define the new structure (and sort out commissions).

The opportunity to have these conversations has been plentiful. Sandler Partners and Alan has been reached out to by so many employees and solutions experts who have either left their former employers or are looking for a way to exit their current situations. Being one of the lone independent TSD’s, Sandler Partners remains uniquely positioned to concentrate on Partners, and their ability to solve their customer’s problems. This community-wide ethos, of caring for what matters and providing what customers need, is what helps drive organic growth for Partners.

The topic of Ukraine, and the war, received a spirit-lifting narrative, as Alan reviewed the support our community has provided to the displaced. He also shared his experience meeting these children, medical professionals, and families in Poland to hear their challenges firsthand.

Getting back to the business at hand, Alan returned the conversation to the changing industry structure and the opportunity Partners have to provide solutions to their customers. One slide provided an extremely impactful summary, showing revenue for dozens of large name brands, which, when added together, equal the projected growth for the technology industry, illustrating just how much potential revenue is on the horizon. Revenue that Partners are perfectly positioned to benefit from. It also explained why so many disinterested capital investors, are now so aggressively interested in the technology space.