In the past year, we’ve seen spend on collaboration go up by 25%. Yes, it was driven by the pandemic, but it’s something that’s here to stay, and it’s the opportunity that brought people in to see this session at the 2022 National Summit (and why you’re reading this right now)! By 2023, the number of remote workers will have doubled from 2019. I work remotely. My wife has been working remotely. You or someone close to you are probably also remote workers.

This ability to work remotely was made possible by today’s technology — video, voice, conferencing, instant messaging, file sharing — connected by today’s modern network. Just think of how many collaboration platforms you use in a typical week — Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, etc. — on your computer or mobile device. Even if you’re in the office, you probably use these solutions every day.

On the stage with me for this session was Tony Poer, 8×8, Channel SE Manager; Jason Smith, Broadvoice, VP Sales Engineering; Adam Batchelder, GoTo, Senior Manager Partner Solutions Consulting; and Derek Resler, Zoom, UCaaS/CCaaS Specialist — a great sampling from our 200+ portfolio of Providers. I touched base with them to hear what’s new with their companies, how their solutions benefit organizations, and the commission/revenue potential they can offer our Partners.

Collaboration is a big term and a big application, particularly in the Cloud. How many ways can it be used, extended, and integrated? Customer support/experience is one way. Yes, the CCaaS potential is incredible and making a huge difference to customer and brand relations! Marketing, of course, is an interaction that people have been chasing for over a century and suits collaboration platforms to a T. The innovation continues to explode, with integrated analytics, automated routing, manage environments, and AI decision making being just a few of the features that can really shape how an organization goes about its business and makes informed decisions.

To learn more about our panelists’ solutions and the other possibilities you can provide to your customers, watch this National Summit session recording. It’s been great to share this information with you. Speaking for the whole Sandler team, I can’t wait to support you in helping solve your customers’ business problems.


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Ben Edwards

Ben Edwards is the Director, Sales Engineer - West. With a wealth of experience working with senior executives and leaders, Ben is a recognized expert in Customer Experience and CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) who excels at discussing, proposing, and addressing the technical needs of businesses. His unique skillset combination of customer-facing and technology provider experience enables him to effectively partner with clients to deliver tailored solutions that meet their specific requirements. He is highly experienced in providing CCaaS solutions to a diverse range of businesses and has a proven track record of delivering results.