I’ve been at this for almost 30 years, so there’s not a lot I haven’t seen, except when it comes to Mobility, Wireless, and IoT (Internet of Things), where the innovations seem to come every day. That being said, once you have a solid foundational understanding of the technology, you’re positioned to discover, iterate, and expand.

The phrase “IoT” has a certain mystery to it, but if you consider that since 2016 there have been more connected IoT devices in the world than people, then you know it’s all around us. What used to hold it back was network quality. Without a good connection, you can’t have good data collection. But things have changed, from fixed wireless to satellite, 4/5G, Wi-Fi, and more. Companies now have a much easier path for their connection and deployment strategies, AI/ML to work with all the data collected, and Cybersecurity strategies to keep data safe in this vast interconnected world. The mystery and the hype of IoT are gone, replaced with the incredible potential and opportunities it offers. This is technology connecting people, helping make informed decisions, and creating efficiencies.

Wireless and IoT

So that’s defining the landscape, the incredibly open and inviting landscape, in very broad terms. The wonderful thing about this category is the number of stories, or should I call them use cases, that are being created each day. People like to talk about them, and when you really go deep, there’s so much to learn. So we did, but you’ll need to watch the session recording to hear all about them. We talked about a wearable AR (Augmented Reality) device, public safety, a 440+ retail chain, and healthcare among others — a little bit about everything.

For this session, I was able to lean on the expertise of a few key Providers from our portfolio who work with our community all the time. Joining me on the National Summit stage was Maureen Donovan, VP of North American Agent Channel Sales with EpicIO; Noah Laughon, Channel Manager at Geolinks; and Brett Pontiff, Director of National Partner Development for Windstream Enterprise. We learned about their products, a number of key terms, why customers love them, things to watch out for, and how Partners can realize revenue by working with them.

Use the link below to watch or rewatch the session recording. Don’t forget to download the presentation deck, which is full of information, and follow along. To continue the conversation, feel free to reach out to your Sandler Partners team. We’re here to be your experts and help you with your customer transactions at any point on the path, whether it’s winning a new customer or helping an existing customer solve a business problem.


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Eric Beller

Eric Beller, SVP, Sales & Complex Solutions, assists Partners with developing everyday technical solutions in the central region, and complex solutions across the nation. Our resident Cybersecurity expert, we leverage his technical and personal expertise to solve customer’s business problems while also ensuring an elevated experience.