Alan Sandler’s opening remarks for the 2023 National Summit covered numerous topics, including being the only true independent TSD left (and the many benefits it affords), how the current state of the Channel impacts Partners, and the impact and opportunity of AI.

Alan again confirmed he would not sell, showing in his presentation both the financial and karmic benefit of remaining independent to better support Partners and their customers. A review of the protections, new and ongoing, Partners enjoy was also a highlight. The conversation remained on Partners, and how the business approach of concentrating on them would always win. Growth as a goal is a way forward, while profit for profit’s sake can lead to “death by a thousand cuts”.

“We don’t have to worry ourselves about pleasing investors or shareholders. Freedom to make the best long-term decision for the whole extended (Sandler Partner) family has been in our DNA for all 20 years that we’ve been in business.”

– Alan Sandler

To conclude Alan drew attention to the fact that all Sandler Partner stakeholders were in the room – Partners, Providers, support teams, and Sandler Partners leadership. Hearing what each other had to say, growing their network and community, and investing in this extended family. That’s not something you get with Private Equity driven TSDs. Capital investors may be interested in the space for the revenue opportunity they see. True opportunity and growth comes when you put people and the business first, providing and enabling customers with the technology that solves their challenges and lets them do more.