When it comes to marketing, many Partners have asked a very important question: how can they stand out and ensure that their customers know what they can bring to the table? A recent session titled “Let’s Get Personal About Growth, It’s Time You Stand Out” welcomed Jenay Sherman, an experienced strategic marketing and branding consultant and owner of her own consulting firm, Champion Consulting and Sandler Partners’ own Digital Marketing Manager Corson Harrer to answer this question. Jenay brought a valuable perspective, developed across many industries and clients, on how Partners can effectively position themselves to stand out in an extremely competitive space.

“A common thread throughout the (National) Summit,” states Corson Harrer, Sandler Partners’ Digital Marketing Manager, “is your unique value proposition (UVP) and how you get that in front of customers, and prospective customers. We’re going to continue that thread, talking about brand messaging (and) branding from a marketing perspective.”

“Some companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, bringing in consultants to teach them how to do this,” adds Jenay Sherman, Champion Consulting. “I want you guys to have the kind of tools where you can do it for yourself and your own brand.”

“Today we’re going to learn how to create and speak to our audience with an authentic brand,” she said – outlining the journey the session would take, encouraging the defining of brand identity (who you are), finding the brand voice (how you speak/present yourself), and discerning who the audience(s) are you want to connect with. “We’re breaking ground today, planting the seed,” she concluded, “you’re going to start cultivating this as you go, what you will leave with today, is something that is actionable, so you know what to do next.”

“Jenay has set the stage,” asserts Corson, “now we’re going to think about how we can put this into action, and ways you can distribute these kinds of messages. All of you as Partners have access to the Marketing Center. (It’s) your marketing platform in the Sandler Portal, with hundreds of pieces of (technology-focused) pre-built content available to you 24/7, for free. You can customize to match your voice and brand, which will let you be more effective with your marketing. You’ll also have data and analytics to give you insights (on the customers you’re targeting, and how successful you are).”

This was a deep dive, with take-home worksheets, that can really help you move the needle on your brand and expand how you think about the services and solutions you offer customers. Getting new business, after all, can be new customers or growing the level of engagement you have with existing customers. To get the whole conversation, more than could be contained within a one-page blog, watch the video. You’ll find much of the dialog is intuitive, you may have even thought about it in the past, and you just need to put the pieces into place, and into action. Watch the session recording today!