As a trusted technology expert, it’s important to identify the solutions that are having a transformative effect today, evolving the future of technology and IT approaches. Technology can let customers take advantage of new possibilities while helping Partners shape a narrative that their clientele can grow into. Organizations are investigating these solutions for their potential to reshape how they conduct business – regardless of industry, or size. Artificial Intelligence is a leading solution being embraced, and talked about, along with several other technology approaches that are and will have a transformative effect across industry and society.

Eric Beller, Senior Vice President, Sales & Complex Solutions, and Ben Edwards, Director of Sales Engineering – West welcomed panelists Adam Hiatt, Dialpad Manager Partner Solutions; Skyler Stewart, EPIC iO Vice President of AIoT Sales; Shane Gledhill, Lumen Senior Lead Consultant – Advanced Solutions; and Holly Zinn, Head of Channel Sales to share their ideas, observations, and how they’re being implemented today.

“We need to use this technology to level up,” starts Ben. “If we can use and embrace emerging technologies, that are here now, we’re going to drive down response times (and) we’re going to make things move more quickly. I talk about AI in every conversation I have today.”

Emerging Technologies - Artificial Intelligence/AI

“40% of the workforce is going to be impacted by AI over the next 2 to 3 years,” quotes Eric, referencing a recent IBM study of executives. “AI will potentially replace jobs – entry level, repetitive task jobs – (but) AI is not going to replace people, people who use AI are going to replace people.”

“The way forward is to find ways to leverage AI to get more out of technology,” states Adam, “Unified Communications, Contact Center, messaging, meetings, videos – everyone’s familiar with that, everyone’s comfortable with that. We’re here to demystify AI for you and your customers and solve some of the problems that exist today. In our AI engine, we’ve pushed 5.1 billion minutes, which equates to 10 thousand years of data, that data is what we’re now using to fuel our Large Language Model (LLM), that has allowed us to build Dialpad GPT.”

“AI is a very general term, it’s been around for years” adds Skyler, “thanks to ChatGPT, making it kind of top of mind in our industry, but AI has been around for decades. What Epic iO specifically focuses on, is computer vision AI and IoT (plus Connectivity, Cybersecurity, and Edge Computing). The challenge today is there are multiple vendors for a single outcome. You need a camera manufacturer, a sensor manufacturer, you have to build an AI model for that, then how are you going to ingest that data, what are you going to do with that data – analytics, real-time alerts – there’s a lot that goes into it. We’ve gone to market with an end-to-end solution (including) utilizing customers’ existing sensors they’ve deployed, and cameras, all into a single pane of glass to solve a challenge.”

“I think a lot about business outcomes,” says Shane, “what does it mean to our customers, the people you’re talking to every day? What are your customers looking for? To be competitive, they’ve got to be fast, and they’re looking at these technologies to get them competitive and keep them in place in their industries. Think about the things you’re doing now, that are convenient, and easy because of AI and these emerging technologies, you want (these kinds of technology) around. That’s what your IT decision-makers are wanting. They’re wanting more transactions, which means more revenue. They’re looking for a better customer experience. They’re looking to deploy more digital assets, to get more interactions, and get better customer experiences.”

Edge Computing - Lumen

“You guys are their advisors and consultants, you don’t need to be the experts in what we do, you just need to know enough to be dangerous,” states Holly. “Our average customer sees about 40-60% savings in the first 60 days by automating their Contact Center, on the EX (Employee Experience) side it’s similar, what’s our dental plan, (password resets), things that bog down HR (and tech support), those things can be automated. (For Partners) must of our customers experience about a 160% growth rate, they start with one use case, see how much they save (and expand with additional deployments). It really is one of those sticky technologies that is easy to keep the customer long term.”

Organizations are embracing these new and developing technologies. It’s shaping the way they interact with customers, creating more insights, and improving the experience for everyone involved. To expand your understanding of the conversation, start by seeing the whole conversation, and hearing all the details – watch the recording today!