Cybersecurity should not be a set-it-and-forget-it approach, it’s something that needs to be continuous. While many organizations may hope to buy one solution that will check the box for compliance, an effective Cybersecurity strategy is more than just the bare minimum. It’s putting a program in place, and is as much about the people and processes as it is about the technology.

At the 2023 National Summit, Eric Beller, Sandler Partners SVP of Complex Solutions – Central welcomed Mitch Gurick, AT&T Sr. Cybersecurity Specialist – Channel; Tom Turner, Coro Channel Chief, Matt Briggs, Dyopath Director of New Business Development and Channel Sales; and Keith Lukes, UbiStor Vice President of Channel Solutions to the stage during “Cybersecurity Best Practices by Organization Size and Identifying Key Stakeholders” for this very important conversation. As a panel, they represent a cross-section of the customers and conversations happening with SMB, mid-market, and enterprise organizations.

“We think of (Cybersecurity) as a service,” states Mitch, “everything from an incident response plan to vulnerability and pen testing all the way through to any type of specialized assessments (and) compliance. We can cover that cyber-consulting professional services, always a Managed Service, always (with) residual MRC. It gets to be pretty exciting and adds up pretty quickly!”

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“Most people think they’re protected but they’re not,” says Tom. “SMBs are under attack. We have an all-in-one platform…that covers email security, endpoints, data, SASE is built into it, and Cloud apps. We also have a 24/7 SOC that can monitor it for your customers. We focus on the 100 to 2000 user (space), which fits most customers, and it’s made for the lean IT Team. Based on AI learning, we’re catching 90% of the threats out there, all on this one platform.”

Cost of Data Breach**


Days to Identify


Days to Contain

“Mid-market and enterprise need as much help on the cyber front as the SMB,” adds Matt, “typically there are upsell and cross-sell opportunities, to augment platforms. Our advisory services are going very strong. With all the governance, risk, and regulatory compliance that’s coming down the pipe.”

“We were built to focus on back-up and disaster recovery as a service,” states Keith. “We built practices around that to be able to help our customers recover their data as quickly and seamlessly as possible. We’ve seen a lot of changes in the industry, (and) a lot of our recovery processes have been focused on cyber-attacks, so we’ve added data protection and Cybersecurity services to our stack to be able to do that.”

Now that you’ve been introduced to the experts on the Panel, hear more about the conversations they’re having, what customers are asking for, and the challenges you can help address. Organizations are engaging Cybersecurity services to address their own fears, in response to attacks, and to meet regulatory standards. Before you talk to customers listen in on this conversation to elevate your understanding and expertise. Watch on demand now!