Date and Time: Tuesday & Wednesday, May 21st and 22nd at 10 AM PT/1 PM PT

Day 1 Featuring: Gerry Davis, SVP Sales Engineering and Eric Beller, SVP Sales & Complex Solutions

Day 2 Featuring: Deft, Evolve IP, Ntirety, and Rackspace

Organizations are moving to Cloud and Colocation every day – Cloud is now pervasive. Getting there requires strategy around migration, necessary applications, cost consideration, and so much more. In many cases, this may even mean developing a multi-Cloud strategy to put different workloads in different Cloud environments based on need and cost. Don’t forget Cybersecurity, compliance, and redundancy which are very important parts of the as businesses increasingly move to the Cloud.

During this session we’ll explore these and many other key areas. You’ll learn the best approaches, benefits, and most importantly, how to have these types of conversations with your customers. We’ll also look at how Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware will impact your current customers! Your Sales Engineering team created these webinars to help you bring customers the solutions they need. RSVP to attend one or both sessions.

“Sandler Partners’ webinar changed the way I think about the services I offer. It makes total sense and is a mindset I know I’ll leverage!”
– Partner & Webinar Attendee.

2 DAY FORMAT | Presentation + Q&A

Day 1 (Approx. 1 hour + QA) | Tues., May. 21st: Gerry Davis and Eric Beller gave a quick overview, ways to start the conversation, and emphasize client benefits – approaches, discovery questions, entry points (backups, O365), and your available resources. The discussion was across the category & vendor-agnostic. Industry-specific and real-world applications were presented to help you talk to your customers’ needs and communicate benefits.

Day 2 (Approx. 1 hour + QA) | Wed., Mar. 22nd: Providers discussed their use cases, how they stand apart, and ways to lead the conversation. Together, they discussed how your team can help develop and propose an approach that meets your customer’s requirements. Discover additional solutions and insights that can expand the sale while adding value for your customer.