The Sandler Partners Portal

Partners across Canada and the US run their businesses through the Sandler Portal – selling more, increasing their efficiency, and thriving with an array of free magic tools/resources. Check the financial side including orders, commission rates, and contracts. Instantly check serviceability with API accurate pricing (cable, fiber, broadband, etc.) from suppliers like Cox, Comcast, AT&T, Spectrum, and Lumen. Conduct guided discovery/narrow Provider options and generate detailed comparisons/reports. Work with customers in your own private label Portal. Customize/distribute pre-built technology marketing email, social, collateral, and microsite campaigns. Review training videos, courses, case studies, and industry news and dig into the specifics of your 200+ Provider portfolio.

Speed, Relevance, and Functionality: Your Sandler Portal, Built Around You

Your Sandler Portal is centered around you. It gives you the information you need fast, and the ability to dive deeper to gain more clarity. It’s free for you to use, with the most accurate information available 24/7. Your dashboard provides graphs of 12 months of submitted orders and commissions, click a month for more detail and you’ll also see the names and contact info for your dedicated team – including your Channel Manager and Sales Engineer! Your dashboard lets you review the status of potential deals, and inquiries on existing deals by visiting My Opportunities and/or My Inquiries.

Transparency is the Keyword, Strong Deals the Keystone: Portal Commission Oversight

Sandler Partners is known for having the most meticulously negotiated deals in the industry. We also offer full rate disclosure, Evergreen ever-paying contracts, tenacious proactive auditing ($18.6 million, as of January 2024, in commissions owed to Partners – 20 audit inquiries for every 1 opened by Partners), flex payment options, and a “Pay Me Now” program where you can sell part or all of your deal. In the Portal you can:

Sandler Portal tools

See the complete details on every Provider’s commission structure – including payout agreements (requirements, terms, evergreen strength), notes with details you should be aware of, and their payout schedule.

Dive Right In. Get the Job Done. Build Your Business.


Type in an address for instant bandwidth availability/pricing lookup and produce a proposal. Utilizing Provider API’s give up-to-the-minute accurate pricing and promotions. SCOUT can also allow you to perform bulk lookups for multi-location customers.


Solutions Finder

Click through this guided discovery and narrow down your options by including solution category, customer requirements like integrations and service area. Take your results and generate detailed comparisons/reports with your unique branding.


Scout for Solutions

Scout for Solutions is your branded version of the Sandler Portal, without any Sandler branding, giving you the ability to showcase SCOUT, Solutions Finder, and more during presentations with your customers. Access via the Sales Tools menu in your Portal.


Marketing Center

A free Partner marketing platform that lets you customize pre-built content; emails, social posts, microsites, collateral, flyers, scoping documents; with your branding, send campaigns to existing and prospective customers, and analyze results!


Stay on Top of Offers, and Your Sales

SPIFFS & Promotion Tracker

SPIFF/Promo Tracker

Incentives change the nature of a deal, paying a bonus, often expressed as a multiplier, for a sale which greatly impacts your revenue! With the SPIFF & Promo Trackers you see an overview of what is available and the details. Take advantage of current SPIFFs and promotions to win business and increase profits.

The Solutions Finder Tool

My Opportunities

Stay up to date and on top of all your potential deals. Submit opportunities are entered with email notifications generated as the deal progresses. Click My Opportunities for complete visibility – with every step tracked along the way, including email correspondence you’ve sent or received within our system.

My Inquiries

Gain full visibility and access to all information and status related to your Commission audits (initiated when payment differs from expected). The Commissions team diligently ensures every dollar of commissions owed to Partners is found and paid, to the total of over $18.6 million as of January 2024.

Education and Video Library

Sandler Education and Video Library

Knowledge is power. People learn differently. We are committed to providing a varied and deep destination for you to learn about your industry and craft. Our education section has videos, webinars, case studies, industry news, and security awareness training/accreditation. You’ll also find Provider education materials and information from past Sandler Partner Events (replays, recaps, and resource materials).


Dynamic Events Listings

Sandler Dynamic Events Listings

Find and search (set parameters to refine your list) upcoming technology networking & educational opportunities – online, in-person, large or small, within our community, held by a Provider, or open to the industry. Search by event type, event goal (networking/education), State, and Region. Set preferences to key in on what interests you. You can even find events for when you’re traveling and away from home!


Take the Next Step, Our Partners Succeed

We are more than just a broker of services, we are a community where everyone is accepted! Partner is in our name for a reason, a statement to our culture of putting the Partner first transcends in-person events, existing everywhere, even in the tools you have access to 24/7 and the team that stands behind you. As a Partner you become positioned to be more competitive and diversified while expanding your revenue potential and services/products offered. You also gain a complete network of Providers, consultants and power closers — for greater adaptability and stability. Don’t forget you can structure your revenue by choosing upfront or recurring commission structures!

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