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how to bolster your linkedin profile

LinkedIn, if used right, can be a great way to help you grow revenue, add connections, and increase efficiency. Here are three simple ways you can improve your LinkedIn presence as a partner:

  1. Make sure you’re liking and sharing our content.

Our Sandler Partners LinkedIn page is where you’ll find company updates, provider agreement announcements, and relevant industry knowledge. Make sure you’re liking and sharing our content- it’ll show up on your LinkedIn feed!

  1. Have your current job position listed as Sandler Partners

If you work at Sandler Partners, you should let the LinkedIn world know. Updating your workplace will allow LinkedIn to recommend relevant connections and information related to your industry.

Here’s how to update your job position:

Go into your own LinkedIn Profile and scroll down to the ‘Experience’ section

Linkedin profile job summary

Next, click on the pencil icon on the righthand side to edit your work experience.

Once you do that, scroll down to the ‘Company’ option and type in Sandler Partners. Select the option with the Sandler avatar and allow it to populate.

Linkedin profile job history

NOTE: Make sure the ‘Share with network’ option is turned off if you don’t want your connections to be notified!

Linkedin profile share

  1. Hide your contacts.

We hear a lot of people in the industry find hiding contacts to be useful. Some partners have taken the initiative to hide their contacts so that they remain hidden. Here’s how you can do the same:

Head to your LinkedIn home page, and locate the circular ‘Me’ icon, found on the far right. Next, click on the triangle.

It will lead you to a drop-down menu- click on ‘Settings and Privacy’. You’ll then be redirected to another page.

After that, scroll down to ‘Who can see your connections.’

Select ‘Only You’.

Linkedin profile network settings

While it might seem small, these are three helpful ways to boost your LinkedIn presence while staying in the loop of any upcoming industry and Sandler updates.