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Gain and maintain mindshare among current and prospective customers — staying one step ahead of your competition! We created this tool just for you. The Sandler Partners Marketing Center is the ace in your pocket, providing inspiration, insights, and the know-how to ensure more impactful outcomes through more timely marketing efforts. This tool creates a solid foundation for channel success with an array of self-service, plug and play targeted campaigns, collateral, and social posts.

What You’ll find in the Marketing Center

Customizable Targeted Content

Increase your channel Partner engagement and brand reach by providing fresh, customizable collateral that makes sharing marketing and sales materials a snap — you gain unique digital assets designed to advance your customer outreach.

Fully Realized Email Campaigns

Build your sales pipeline and capture more revenue with turn-key execution of multi-touch campaigns leveraging a wider array of marketing tactics and activities. You can create demand and build pipeline with ready-to-launch campaigns.

Social Channel Specific Selling Campaigns

You can become a savvy social seller without being weighed down with extra tasks, allowing you to stand out among the noise. With the Marketing Center You can expand your Linkedin presence through prepared and scheduled social feeds

Marketing Campaign Attribution & Analytics

Leverage data-driven, performance-based execution plans to help you thrive as a channel Partner. But don’t stop there; track your marketing efforts and efficacy to gauge interest and modify your next effort for even greater success.

Alan Sandler Introduces the Marketing Center

Our founder shares his perspectives and motivation for helping bring the Marketing Center to life — and to our Partners.

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