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Gain and maintain mindshare among current and prospective customers — staying one step ahead of your competition! We created this tool just for you. The Sandler Partners Marketing Center is the ace in your pocket, providing inspiration, insights, and the know-how to ensure more impactful outcomes through more timely marketing efforts. This tool creates a solid foundation for channel success with an array of self-service, plug and play targeted campaigns, collateral, and social posts.

Easily Customize Pre-Built Templates for Technology Focused Campaigns

Collateral That Goes In-depth

Increase your engagement and brand reach by sharing fresh, customizable collateral. Add your info and logo. Print as a handout/leave behind, review on screen, or send via email. You have full access to unique digital assets, designed to advance your customer outreach, and are ready to use right now.

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Fully Realized Email Campaigns

Customize. Send. Learn. Email is a great way to build your sales pipeline and capture more revenue. As part of a multi-touch campaign, you can actively create demand from new or existing customers with these ready-to-launch campaigns. Built-in analytics also help you learn and improve your efforts.

Campaign Process Guide

Social Channel Components

Be the thought leader, savvy social seller who stands out amongst the noise without adding extra nagging tasks to your day. With your Marketing Center, you can expand your LinkedIn presence while complementing your larger campaign, through prepared and scheduled social content posts.

Build Your Social Presence

Destination Category Microsites

The end goal is for the target to contact your sales team. Adding a topic-relevant info-packed webpage (videos, articles, explanations) keeps them engaged, in the order funnel, and more likely to convert to a sale. Plus, your customer sees how engaged and knowledgeable you are with the category.

Customizing Microsites

Alan Sandler Introduces the Marketing Center

Our founder shares his perspectives and motivation for helping bring the Marketing Center to life — and to our Partners.

About Sandler Partners

The Engines Behind Your Marketing Efforts

Contact/Distribution Lists

Easily import your existing contact and prospect list into the platform or create your lists directly in the platform. You can easily target specific customers, learn where you’re getting the best results, and refine for increased success!

One Account, Multiple Users

The reality is your sales team will want to run their own individual campaigns, to develop their own prospects and customers. Enabling and keeping track of this functionality is easy, and can fuel your representatives’ competitive natures.

Marketing Campaign Attribution and Analytics

Leverage data-driven, performance-based execution plans to help you thrive as a channel Partner. But don’t stop there; track your marketing efforts and efficacy to gauge interest and modify your next effort for even greater efficiency and success.

Thought Leadership Vs. Active Prospecting

You are the expert. This statement has a sliding scale. Example, if you have a CCaaS client relationship with them, they may not realize it’s a fraction of your capability. Let the world, particularly clients and prospects, know your potential.

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Marketing Center 101 Sessions | 90 minutes

Learn all about the Marketing Center, and more! Marketing sessions are always a big hit — providing inspiration, confidence, and tactical know-how. Getting the word out is an important element of business and we’re here to help you. Every 3rd Tuesday, via Zoom, our Marketing Team shares powerful information and opens the floor to questions. RSVP required.

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