Sandler Partners’ Alex McBratney and Dustin Riedel welcomed experts from Avaya, Broadvoice, Dialpad, and Zoom for a breakout session at the Sandler Partners 2021 National Summit. After outlining the must-ask questions and the favorable margins, they dove right into the technology of Unified Communications, the strengths of each provider, and how to incorporate this knowledge into client conversation in a way that leads to sales.

“The first thing is understanding what is in it for the customer,” states Steve Forcum, Director and Chief Evangelist, Marketing at Avaya. “We make it simple, making work less work, keeping everything super simple for end-users and our friends in IT, from troubleshooting to integrating into other platforms.”

“Simplicity — the products, the processes, and the services, “adds Michael Farkas-Jones, Sales Engineer at Broadvoice, “including managing your existing customers, creating quotes for new ones, and checking on the status of in-flight orders.”

Geoff Reimer, Senior Director of Sales Engineering at DialPad says, “one thing you should remember, as you start thinking about your deals, is voice intelligence…artificial intelligence, augmented intelligence…across UCaaS, across the contact center, you’re able to get insights in realtime: analytics, transcripts, keyword pop-ups, sentiment analysis that help agents and sellers do their jobs — it’s all available!”

Ken Westermann, Leader Channel Solution Engineering at Zoom summarizes, “work from the office is probably never going to be the same ever again, we’re all part of the work from anywhere conversation. We’re trying to expand how and where you’re going to use your UCaaS solution and what it’s going to look like in the future.”

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