Date and Time: Wednesday, October 12th, 2022 10 AM PT/1 PM ET

Host: Gerry Davis, SVP, Sales Engineering and Andrew Rustad, Director, Sales Engineer – East Region at Sandler Partners

Solve problems, gain new insights, expand capability – data is the bright beacon organizations are turning to for achieving these ends. Mobility as a category is growing, beyond the devices that we see in our hands to items we barely think about. Connected cars/fleet vehicles. POTS replacement. Road sensors. Retail store customer mapping. Vending machines. Safety equipment. It’s estimated that there are already hundreds of millions of IoT (Internet of Things) devices in the US. During this Tech Panel Webinar, you will learn about concepts you can leverage for new sales with existing customers, or to help you land new prospects, including:

  • Defining mobility options, other wireless/mobility uses (backup circuits, retail, etc.) and what IoT encompasses
  • The changing face of mobility – from increased capability, to increased customer requirements beyond the technology itself
  • Wireless Telecom Expense Management (TEM), the budget impact of optimizing cost vs. service needs
  • What’s involved with designing, sourcing, and maintaining an IoT solution structure
  • How to identify opportunities for IoT deployment, and give your customers confidence that you can deliver
  • Top vertical markets that are already “all-in” for this technology

Host Gerry Davis and Andrew Rustad will introduce you to the Mobility and IoT space and drill into the aspects you need to know as your customer’s trusted advisor. Next, he will engage with a panel of leading experts from some of our key suppliers to discuss their unique take on the space, the services they provide, and share some real-life examples of how businesses have been solving problems and advancing their interests through the use of IoT. Prepare to take control of the dialog, know what questions to ask, and easily address objections, confident in the knowledge that you have the Sandler Partners resources you need to support your efforts.