Growing any retail endeavor to 1450 locations across the nation requires a solid IT stack approach, that can quickly overwhelm an in-house IT team. We stepped in, helped renegotiate existing Connectivity contracts, transitioned a large percentage of locations to a different carrier, and shored up their remaining services/activities including UCaaS and Microsoft licensing upgrades.

Customer Profile:

  • Retail Muffler Shop
  • 1450 Nationwide Locations
  • 6000 Seats
  • 2300 Devices


Improve the service/experience the client was receiving, renegotiate contracts to save the customer money, and simplify their telecommunications environment. Overall, assist their overworked underwater IT department in accomplishing critical tasks that empower day-to-day operations, secure data/network, and offer unfettered data insights into the full operations.


The customer had several renewals coming up. With their large network of locations, this placed them in a position to renegotiate for more favorable terms, except when the Provider initially disagreed. They also expressed dissatisfaction with some of their current solutions, asking that we take over certain functions from their IT team, including managed print services.


The customer’s longstanding relationship and trust resulted in more than a transactional experience, with additional ongoing support requested on top of deployment. Provider performed the initial deployment (10 locations + call center), while our team was certified in the specific solution to deploy the remaining 100 locations and 4 call centers. Even though the solution was thoroughly demoed, deployment will span approximately a year to ease the organization into the upgraded system and provide appropriate support. Long-term support – overseeing centralized scheduling, processing calls/emails, and IT desk support was also added to the scope of the engagement. The new system now allows calls to be routed to any location, identified by where they originated, with the option to “park” the call and page the healthcare professional who can pick up the call from anywhere within the defined network.

Customer Gain:

  • In-house IT department regains time/capacity for other objectives, plus cost savings and technology upgrades
  • Critical tasks no longer delayed (data/network security, upgrades, etc.)
  • Realize actionable network/data insights/analytics
  • 18% savings for Connectivity
  • Updated/unified retail Point of Sale (POS) devices
  • 24/7 service support of all systems