Date and Time: Tuesday & Wednesday, January 24th – 25th at 10AM PT/1PM PT

Hosts: Gerry Davis, SVP, Sales Engineering, Ben Edwards, Director, Sales Engineer – West Region, and Andy Rustad, Director, Sales Engineer – East Region

For organizations of all sizes, the need to work anywhere has grown and become indispensable. A dispersed workforce now works from home, workshare offices, coffee shops, and on the road while servicing existing clientele or prospecting for new customers. This often requires pulling together solutions from many suppliers covering everything from Connectivity, Cloud infrastructure, and virtual desktops to email/video collaboration, voice, and Cybersecurity. As a Partner, and trusted technology expert, this webinar can help you learn about approaches that will work best for their organization – stable and robust remote working solutions that save time, effort and money while giving employees the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere.

This webinar was created by your Sales Engineering team to help you bring your customers the solutions they need. Watch on demand, day 1 and day 2, to find new effective solutions and approaches that will help you succeed and deliver a complete solution for the end customer.

2 DAY FORMAT | Presentation + Q&A

Day 1 (Approximately 1 hour) | Tuesday, January 24th: Gerry Davis shared a vendor agnostic view of what it takes to drive a great customer experience for employees working from home. We took a look at the fundamentals of Collaboration and keeping remote employees engaged as well as Connectivity needs, virtual desktops, Cloud infrastructure and all the applications and services they need to work flawlessly. Plus, as with every conversation, how to secure data effectivity, particularly when it’s scattered and distributed. Partners of all levels of experience benefit from this session.

Day 2 (Approximately 1 hour) | Wednesday, January 25th: We invited several Providers to join Gerry and discuss their solutions, where they work best, and how to lead the conversation with your customers. These experts discussed how they can work together with you as a team to help build out a great remote working strategy that meets your customer’s needs. In most cases, it meant pulling from several of these suppliers to build an overall strategy for Remote Working. As Moderator, Gerry shared his own perspectives and experiences helping make the most of the hour – including complementary solutions that can add value for customers while expanding the sale to grow your business.