Date and Time: May 18 at 10 AM PT (1 PM ET)

Host: Gerry Davis, SVP at Sandler Partners

The Cloud is the Future, Make Sure You're the Expert Your Customers Need Cloud Webinar

Don’t avoid talking about cloud with your customers. Cloud not only matters to them, it’s important to their ability to compete and succeed in the future…something they might not even realize. During our Cloud Tech Panel Webinar, you will learn about concepts you can leverage for new sales with existing customers, or to help you land new prospects, including:

  • What is cloud compute, why do customers need it, and how you can start the conversation
  • Secure cloud environments and how to utilize new technologies
  • The uses and advantages of private, public, multi-tenant, and hybrid cloud deployment
  • Desktop/infrastructure/disaster recovery/software as a service and SD-WAN
  • The financial implications of moving to the cloud (cost savings!)
  • O365 as a natural entry to cloud orders
  • Lucrative add-on services (helpdesk, patching, application management, etc.)

Host Gerry Davis introduces you to a panel of leading experts from some of our key suppliers, and the services they provide. Cloud offerings have grown, whether you’re new to Cloud or have been selling it for years, re-watching this webinar will help you feel more confident selling the cloud solutions your customers need to meet their challenges and requirements. Master starting the dialog. Know what questions to ask. Be ready to address objections, confident in the knowledge that you have the Sandler Partners resources you need to support your efforts. Watch the webinar now!