Working from home
Sandler Partners enables a mid-size customer with Vonage UCaaS solution

Recently, Sandler Partners enabled a mid-size customer with a Vonage UCaaS solution, earning the partner valuable commissions with quick turn around. Our partners are helping many customers make this transition to remote working, from large businesses to small. This mid-sized Vonage deal is just one great example of how our Sandler Partners are getting their customers up and running as quickly as possible.

The COVID-19 outbreak has forced many businesses to hastily implement Work From Home solutions that require a responsive provider and quick implementation due to time constraints. Our latest case study highlights how Vonage fulfilled both of these needs — leading to a bigger sale than originally expected for our partner during the pandemic.

Customer Profile:

  • Law firm
  • Based in Seattle
  • 31 employees
  • 1 location


  • The customer had a traditional on-site PBX setup
  • Wanted to quickly implement a Work From Home setup for employees due to the COVID-19        outbreak
  • Needed a fast turn-up and installation due to the rapidly changing environment
  • Needed a way for employees to use traditional PBX functions from their homes


  • The partner was looking for a month-to-month UCaaS solution with immediate implementation
  • The partner reached out to several UCaaS providers to see which could turn-up immediately (install and turn-up is the same thing in this case)
    • Found 2 providers, LogMeIn and Vonage, that immediately responded to quote requests and were able to install quickly
  • The partner and customer arranged a demo with both providers
    • LogMeIn had technical difficulties during their demo, but Vonage was able to effectively deliver without any issues


The customer got all 31 employees set up with the Vonage soft client in order to:

  • Host online audio and video conferencing meetings
  • Enable company-wide instant messaging and file sharing
  • Allow employees to set statuses regarding availability to inform their colleagues
  • Mirror their on-premise PBX’s capabilities and beyond with 30+ standard calling features
  • The customer and Vonage had a Friday call, and by Monday they were up and running
  • Vonage is doing call forwarding for now until they can port the customer’s old number


The customer gained:

  • An expedited transition to voice and collaboration in the cloud amidst mounting Shelter at Home ordinances
  • The ability for employees to effectively and efficiently communicate and work together from their homes
  • More robust calling features than before and on a cloud application that can be upgraded quicker than on-premise equipment
  • A permanent solution upgrade rather than a temporary fix


The partner gained:

  • 4X SPIFS
  • Guaranteed longer commissions since the customer originally wanted month-to-month services, but signed a 2 year agreement
  • A strong Evergreen commission