Why Your Clients Are Adopting UCaaS, A Journey You Do Not Want to Miss

Once, a company’s communication strategy would be centered around having a single phone on each single desk. That was a long time ago. Today, it’s almost taken for granted that communication involves a wide array of channels including computers, video conferencing, social channels, cellphones/tablets, and texting. That’s a lot of points of access, and a lot of points to have issues with.

Major Components of UCaaS:

Unified Communications, as implied in the name, brings them together creating efficiencies and opening up new capabilities. UCaaS, Unified Communications as a Service, takes things even further, allowing a degree of flexibility, scalability, and predictability of cost that makes sense whether planning a technology approach, or overseeing financial statements. By using a Cloud Deployment model, UCaaS can provide a number of benefits:

  • Reduced Costs. Equipment, the expert workforce to support solutions, the space to house it, and the power requirements are all removed with the Provider hosting equipment at their facility. Plus the Provider deals with all upgrades, updates, or other support issues.
  • Microsoft Teams (Direct Routing). Since 2019, Teams usage has increased from 25m to 150m daily logins. Many employees, especially executives and knowledge workers, already use Teams for collaboration and conferencing capabilities. With Direct Routing, Teams can access a softphone from their computers or mobile device (via app or browser). MS Teams Direct Routing users coexist within the larger UCaaS solution, allowing internal calls to a coworker’s handset. Mix and match features to deliver the best end user solution, whether its MS Teams, or a UCaaS softphone – with the option to pair either with a handset.
  • Stay Cutting Edge, Avoid Legacy Pitfall. Providers are in a much better place to stay current than individual organizations, in fact, it’s something they need to do just to remain competitive – with large facilities they have the resources to adopt new technologies as they become available, and the expertise to deploy them.
  • Advanced Functionality. What’s needed today, will often be different than what’s needed tomorrow. With a UCaaS model organizations have more options, with Providers always looking to offer new attractive solutions for their customers.
  • Flexibility and Streamlined Processes. Users want to bring their own devices (BYOD), which can no longer be a headache. Plus, (re)assign licenses on the fly, in real time, add services as needed, and easily connect to geographically dispersed workforce/client-base. Presence management can provide information on the user’s availability, or help route communications to the right channels.
  • Reliability, Security, and Business Continuity. What is the cost of an organization or workforce going offline. Think lost sales, lost productivity, reputational damage, lost data assets (equipment failure, corrupted files, cyber event, etc.). One hour, one week, months – Provider’s core business, and expertise, is centered around a fully frictionless experience.
  • Collaboration and Communications Continuity. Working off the same system, means access to the same information and resources wherever the user(s) may be. Avoid information silos that impact productivity, make management easier, and block employees from working together. Video-conferencing is amazing, but it just scratches the surface for what is possible.
  • Automation, AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning). From basic automation of simple tasks and process automation of standard tasks or special circumstances to integrated automation (like auto-recording calls, or low level file behavior analysis for security) and complex automation, often driven by AI/ML that looks across previous situations and analyzes potential actions/strategies.
  • Data Intelligence, User Experience, and Decision-Making. By moving everything together, organizations gain one window to look at everything together. The result? Directly see what works, what’s being used, and where attention should be focused. Weaponize what’s learned for a number of outcomes, including using information to make workers/customers happier by anticipating/guiding their journey, or potentially help rationalize large moves like entering new categories/verticals. Information, is actionable, powerful, and valuable.

Compliance Requirements/Industry Standards. Verticals and industries may dictate following certain standards or compliance requirements. Healthcare is governed by HIPAA. Finace/manufacturing may require SOC2. Sandler Partners have access to the full portfolio of UCaaS solutions — including leading providers 8×8, Dialpad, RingCentral, and Vonage. Compliance standards include HIPAA, PCI, SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3, HITECH, ISO 27001, ISO 27002, NIST, FISMA, Hospitality, and California Teleconnect Fund.

The Difference Between UCaaS and CCaaS

Cloud Solutions, Like UCaaS, Require Connectivity, and Adequate Bandwidth

Cloud services are revolutionizing the way organizations, both in the public and private sector, work. Some people even say that every company is a data company, due to the importance of information in their day-to-day activities and long-range viability. Every great tool needs the power to make it run, and keep running. Make sure there is an enough bandwidth, and even alternate methods of connection (IoT considerations often include secondary mobile or satellite services), to ensure optimized speeds, 100% up-time, security protocols, and better experiences.

Expertise to Advocate For Best Results. One of the biggest challenges for UCaaS is getting started, and getting it right. Go with one solution, which does some of what’s wanted, but doesn’t check all the boxes, or go with a number of solutions and run the risk of later learning that they “don’t play well together”. It’s at this moment when experience counts, preferably an expert who will know to ask the right questions, and find the solutions that meet today’s needs, and can evolve into the future. This expert should also be able to look at the current situation, including legacy hardware/software/databases, and help create a plan optimizing budget, operations, and timetable.

More Than Competitive, Leading Solutions and Terms.
With 200+ providers, the strongest agreements in the industry and technical/sales support, Sandler Partners are able to design solutions to the most exacting requirements, plan for future changes/phased integrations and do it with incredibly preferential pricing. We are proudly independent, and with you every step of the way, providing the level of support – sales, training, implementation, troubleshooting – that you, and your client require. Take point, we’ve got your back! Learn more by watching the recording of our Webinar “Bring the Pieces, and Opportunity Together, With Unified Communications (UCaaS),” which features SVP of Sales Engineering Gerry Davis and a panel of experts from top UCaaS Providers.

Our team is always here to help you expand your UCaaS business!

Our Featured Providers:

Zoom Video Communications offers an easy, reliable, and innovative video-first unified communications platform for video meetings, voice, webinars, and chat across desktops, phones, mobile devices, and conference room systems. Zoom helps enterprises create elevated experiences with leading business app integrations and developer tools to create customized workflows.

GoTo (formerly LogMeIn) provides enterprise-grade Hosted VoIP and Unified Communications to businesses and institutions. GoTo is rapidly becoming the standard for business communications worldwide, delivering a range of Unified Communications products, including voice, video, contact center, and mobile applications. GoTo’s customers include high-growth businesses and public sector institutions needing a scalable platform that is more flexible and cost-effective than their existing legacy systems. GoTo’s Cloud-based phone system comes with full PBX function, admin controls, and unlimited phone features, all of which can be accessed via mobile devices, desktop computers, and web browsers. GoTo Video offers point-to-point and multipoint virtual meetings and video collaboration. GoTo Contact Center includes advanced contact center controls and monitoring, powered by inContact.

Broadvoice simplifies communications for small and medium businesses (SMBs) by combining powerful Cloud PBX, UC and collaboration features with virtual call center in one award-winning Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform, delivering enterprise-class features at affordable rates. The platform is connected to Broadvoice’s secure, redundant network and hosting infrastructure, enabling SMBs to connect with customers securely anytime, anywhere and with any device.

Sandler Partners have access to the full portfolio of 160+ UCaaS solutions — including leading providers RingCentral, Vonage, 8×8, Nextiva, DialPad, Calltower, Momentum Telecom, Avaya, Nexogy, and Sangoma. You can review all your available options by using the Solutions Finder or Solutions Index tools located in the Sandler Portal. For help navigating your way through the process, while discovering the best provider(s) solutions available to meet your client’s requirements, simply contact our Sales Engineering Team!