The 2021 Sandler Partners National Summit

Paul Seeley, Senior Vice President, and 2021 National Summit Host Linzie Janis open the hour by discussing the evolution of the modern call center, now known as CCaaS. More than just phones, it encompasses social media, smart analytical platforms, chatbots, and improved security.

With the topic introduced representatives from the industries leading Cloud Contact Center Solution Providers take the stage — Tony Poer, Channel Solutions Consulting Lead at 8×8; Mike Zane, SVP Channel Sales at Dialpad; Holly Zinn, Director of Partner Product Programs/CX at RingCentral; and Aqeel Shahid, VP National Strategic Partners at Vonage — each sharing a case study that highlights the advances that have already changed the way businesses interact with their customers.

Deep diving into software and cloud solutions that go far beyond call wait times, the panel shows an array of industries; from medical and technology to automotive and retail; highlighting everything from call sentiment analysis to marketing platform integration to the implementation of efficiencies that significantly decrease costs while increasing positive resolutions.

CCaaS will be a big part of the future. There is a great deal of frustration in the space of customer service, the embrace of data-rich technology saves time and money while allowing flexibility and quantifiable customer insights.

From a competitive standpoint, many people sell bandwidth, which leaves more opportunity to sell CCaaS. As always, there’s no need to be overwhelmed. Sandler Partners and your technology providers are ready to provide you with the resources, sales support, and insights to source the solution, possibly with an AI/ML twist, that meets your customer’s needs. There’s no need to wait, watch the full program to expand your understanding of CCaaS by clicking the button below!