What is your customer’s attack surface? Not a simple question. With IoT the surface grows ever broader, with thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of data points added. Helping your client identify the threat landscape and put the security in place to shrink that attack surface requires a dynamic approach.

Eric Beller, SVP Sales & Complex Solutions, welcomes Theresa Lanowitz, AT&T Cybersecurity Evangelist, to the Stage of Sandler Partners’ 2021 National Summit stage to share her experience, wisdom, and view of what lurks in the future of security.

“Cybersecurity is one of those things that everyone is talking about,” states Theresa, “it’s part and parcel of every single digital transformation conversation that you have. Say what you will about 2020, but 2020 was the year that Cybersecurity moved from being a technical issue, to really being a business initiative. If you’re not talking about it, you will be impacted.”

Importance of Cybersecurity

With no bias between small or large networks, churches or businesses, new or old companies — sophistication, maturity, and even national boundaries play no part in the Cybersecurity game.

Theresa continues, “it’s how you’re addressing your cybersecurity policies, your cyber practices, your cyber procedures. It’s not about having a bunch of tools, it’s what you’re doing with the data from those tools that you are collecting.”

To learn more about what’s happening with Cybersecurity budgets, what hackers look for when timing their attacks, and the constant journey you need to commit to in order to enable business — watch the rest of our recorded program.