Date and Time: Tuesday & Wednesday, April 11th and 12th at 10AM PT/1PM PT

Day 1 Featuring: Ben Edwards, Director, Sales Engineer – West Region, Andrew Rustad, Director Sales Engineer – East Region, David Povlick, and Senior Sales Engineer – Midwest

Customer Experience (CX) and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) are technologies that are growing at a phenomenal rate. If you’re not offering these solutions to your clients, they’re missing a valuable opportunity to learn about customers, improve experience, and even control costs. Today’s technology gathers information, analyzes trends, anticipates behavior, standardizes response/outreach, and empowers better decisions. It also makes consumers feel appreciated and heard, with their needs met. With the right technology approach, the opportunities are endless – which is a great position to place your business!

These webinars have been created by your Sales Engineering team to help you bring customers the solutions they need. RSVP to attend one or both sessions – registrants also receive a post-session email with a replay link and all session documents.

2 DAY FORMAT | Presentation + Q&A

Day 1 (Approximately 1 hour + QA) | Tuesday, April 11th: Ben, Andy, and David take a vendor-agnostic look at available solutions and the value they bring – from beneficial consumer insights and loyalty encouragement through improved customer interactions. CX and CCaaS is an organization-wide endeavor, with (Omni-channel across phones, chat, social media, text, websites/shopping portal) playing a key public-facing role. They’ll also dig into the technology itself, including Contact Center, self service, how to use AI & ML for automation, analytics, and digital channels. Attendees will unlock a world of opportunity for their customers and themselves.

Day 2 (Approximately 1 hour + QA) | Wednesday, April 12th: Providers will discuss their solutions, where they work best, and how to lead the conversation. We’ll discuss how they can work with you, as part of your team, to help develop your customers’ CX/CCaaS capabilities.

Attend one or both sessions!