Partner sells Automotive dealership group an UCaaS solution. This technology possesses exceptional integration opportunities for their business, including the call recording capabilities they asked for. Client was buying up dealerships in SoCal from mom and pa owners, resulting in a mix of different technology. They wanted a phone system they could centrally manage while gaining information to compare and contrast their different sites’ performance. These insights would allow them to identify which locations were doing best, and apply these learnings to train other locations, with the goal of achieving a uniform best practice sales approach.

Customer Profile:

  • Auto Dealership Group
  • 850 phones
  • 9 locations, Southern California


The client had a variety of legacy systems, many of which were completely incompatible. Where possible, we would unify/upgrade the existing call systems while simplifying and centralizing the solution management. This was a technology and culture shift, and the ability to gain insights that could improve operations was critical.


The customer had 7 different phones systems across 9 locations, all on-prem solutions with no path to the Cloud. The solution team found old expensive and outdated technology, using analog lines or PRI’s. Prior to meeting, the customer had already reviewed solutions from TPx, RingCentral, and 8×8. The solution demo with GoTo proved we knew the automotive space and were the right Partner for their needs.


The client needed to update their LAN network prior to the installation, this extended the installation to three months. The customer chose GoTo, who included 2 days of install and 1/2 day of training for each location. The dealership group now sees every call in and out of each dealership, gaining the ability to track the complete lifecycle of every lead.

Partner Gain:

  • 6x SPIFF
  • 30% Residual