Marketing is important for business, but for small businesses, it can seem like it’s just another hat you have to wear. Tina Salimi, Sandler Partners Marketing Manager, and Laz Gonzalez, Marketing Strategist, came together at the Sandler Partners 2021 National Summit to discuss marketing approaches, positioning, and the latest tool available for Partners — the online Marketing Center.

There’s a traffic jam of people and organizations trying to get attention, standing out is fundamental to survival! Digital marketing strategy lets you bring in prospects and turn them into customers. Businesses work on refining their product offering, then, while moving to the next level, they find they are just starting out on a marketing front.

Over a very fast-paced hour, Tina and Laz discussed how to identify and target your audience, set digital marketing goals, consider the ingredients of your communications and enact how you connect with customers.

“We identified 4 best practices, with really strong Calls to Action, so you will have no excuses to do something,” declares Laz. “Start with social, deliver the right content, at the right time, and think about marketing as an integrated tactic, and concentrate on account-based marketing. There are actually 7, but we chose the most important 4!”

Four Key Tactics of Marketing Strategy

You may think that you have a lot of work to do…you’re right. But for Sandler Partners, with the Marketing Center available within the Sandler Portal, a lot of the work has been done for you, starting, as Laz suggested, with Social.

“When you try to engage with a customer, one of the first places they go is your Linkedin,” states Tina, “Your profile really help you gain a lot of credibility. It’s really important to think about the content that you’re putting out there. It establishes you as a thought leader, which you want to be.”

The Marketing Center provides a wealth of topic-specific social media content plus flyers, email marketing, and one-sheeters that can help engage potential and existing customers throughout their journey with you. The Marketing Center makes it easy for you, letting you schedule posts/content distribution, create your own distribution lists, and, of course, customize the materials so they are part of your brand. You also gain access to important analytical tools to better understand your marketing approach, qualify prospects and gain efficiencies.

Take a look at the Marketing Center, available to all Sandler Partners! With a strong Call to Action you can let your prospects do much of the work, remarket to existing customers (3x more likely to take up an offer)  and build your network of professionals who will view you as the expert you are, and the expert you can be.

Watch the full program to learn even more!