Date and Time: Tuesday, March 14th at 10AM PT/1PM PT

Host: Gerry Davis, SVP, Sales Engineering and Eric Beller, Sales Engineer – Central Region

SD-WAN is a decade old and allowed organizations to possess a level of network capability and simplified management that truly changed the game – perfect for Cloud enabled organizations, and an optimized solution for companies positioned to make the move to the Cloud. Partners can utilize this fact to expand the conversation into other areas of the IT Stack. As more functions moved to the Cloud, and technology develops, it’s time to revisit this approach for both you and your customers. In this webinar we looked at all the categories that contribute to a formula for success, including the ever-present necessity of Cybersecurity. Watch it on demand to learn what you can offer your clientele, and positively impact pretty much every area of their operations.

Members of our Sales Engineering team shared a vendor agnostic look at the benefits of adopting SD-WAN and NextGen Connectivity solutions. They started with a look at how the technology works, the many benefits it provides to organizations, recent developments, the Cybersecurity upside, and how it can position your customers to be competitively placed both today and for their future needs. Partners of all levels of experience benefited from this session.