Connecting to support during troubled times has never been more important for individuals, or for our customer, a rapidly growing mental health network that cares for them. As an organization, they have evolved from relatively few locations to over 100 in a short period of time. At a technology crossroads, their current phone system was reaching end of life while they simultaneously were merging with other acquired systems. This challenge provided an additional opportunity to make a giant progressive leap forward, enacting technology solutions that improve the customer’s visibility and responsiveness while achieving financial savings.

Customer Profile:

  • Regional Mental Healthcare Network
  • 100+ locations, 5 Call Centers
  • 6,600 UC and 450 CC seats
  • Involved CIO, call center managers, and stakeholders
  • HIPAA Regulatory standards


Replace end-of-life legacy systems and take advantage of their growing footprint – to create greater access/utilization of professional resources. Agent answer time, first call resolution, and abandon rates are all key metrics that were important to the customer. HIPAA compliance must be maintained.


This was an existing client, going back decades, who was experiencing rapid growth through practice acquisitions. Everything was perfectly positioned for a well-thought-out reinvention, which saw multiple solution Providers presented, demoed (multiple times), compared, and contrasted. The field narrowed to two options that offered CCaaS and UCaaS in a single solution, with one standing out during the demo phase. Solutions also needed to support/integrate well with centralized scheduling and other practice/patient priorities. The ability to serve as an unbiased fully transparent technology advocate for the healthcare network, with many Provider/solution options cannot be understated. Having these options was the difference between winning and losing the deal. It also allowed the team to find the solution that fit the customer’s exacting needs, and not simply fit a square peg in a round hole.


The customer’s longstanding relationship and trust resulted in more than a transactional experience, with additional ongoing support requested on top of deployment. Provider performed the initial deployment (10 locations + call center), while our team was certified in the specific solution to deploy the remaining 100 locations and 4 call centers. Even though the solution was thoroughly demoed, deployment will span approximately a year to ease the organization into the upgraded system and provide appropriate support. Long-term support – overseeing centralized scheduling, processing calls/emails, and IT desk support was also added to the scope of the engagement. The new system now allows calls to be routed to any location, identified by where they originated, with the option to “park” the call and page the healthcare professional who can pick up the call from anywhere within the defined network.

Partner Gain:

  • 5-year Annual Prepay
  • $67K MRR, TV $4.2+ million
  • Future Engagements: Ongoing IT support, expansion of solution over network as needed.