Sales and Marketing tools provide an immediate resource, self-driven, that Partners can utilize at any time 24/7/365 – from accurate instant pricing/serviceability lookup and customer presentation platforms/materials to in-depth commission oversight and easy-to-use marketing resources. Partners can find ways to be more productive, effective, and efficient while growing their business by using these free tools and resources.

Reasons to Use Your Sandler Tools

√ Encourages Sales Growth

√ Data Accuracy

√ Empower Partners with Faster Results

Presenters Cesar Navarro, VP of Technology and Innovation; Michele Labern, Director of Channel – Midwest; Denise Navarro, Portal Experience Manager; and Justin Noller, Director of Channel – New England address the audience, sharing their thoughts on how these tools and resources can benefit Partners, and the thinking that went into their development, including how they will continually be updated to ensure accuracy!

“We built these tools, and they are proprietary to (Sandler Partners),” states Cesar, “we can control, and work with Providers to keep information up to date. The value of tools are only as good as the data inside of them. These tools are part of our long-term strategy, we need them to help you grow. (Today we’re going to show you the value of) these tools, (how they) can be used by the Partner or when working with the customer as well. White-labeling a lot of these tools was a big part of what we are accomplishing this year, (to let your branding stand alone, and stand apart)!”

“We’re going to focus on the sales tools,” continues Denise. “Alan talked about it in his 2023 National Summit Opening Remarks, there are a lot of reporting tools and reporting sources in the (Sandler) Portal that we can cover if you come to me for a demo, (or attend a Monthly Sandler Portal Training Session, second Tuesday of each month) but there’s not a lot of coaching necessary. The powerful tools are SCOUT (serviceability lookup and pricing proposals; including promotions for best pricing), Solutions Finder (Comparison, proposal builder), and Scout for Solutions (a self-brandable white label Portal to use for presentations to your customers).”


“I’m from Chicago, and we had a request from Houston,” shares Michelle, “because I’m not familiar with the market, I don’t know all the local Providers available there. (Entering the address in SCOUT showed me them). When the results came up, (included in the results) was PS Lightwave, we just added them in 2023, so this is live and real information. Plug in an address and it will show every Provider available, which is updated whenever we add a Provider to the portfolio.”

Generate Pricing Proposals Directly From SCOUT – including COX, Spectrum, and Comcast.

Moving on to the recently updated Solutions Finder, where you can easily discover and narrow down your solutions options, began with a demonstration by looking up a CX opportunity. “CX, sentiment analysis, a couple of integrations – Salesforce, teams, PCI compliance” illustrates Justin, resulted in a list of 5 Providers, ranked by how they matched the criteria, plus a list of other Providers, in case any are requested. Put them into any order you want and create a report. “Tools like this are going to put you in a place to be (the customer’s) trusted advisor, a one-stop-shop. It looks like you put in the time and effort, to create this, to make their lives easier. It shows your customers they can trust you, to work on all their projects.”

“The solutions are great for upsells and cross-sells,” continues Denise. “You can tell your customers ‘I know we’re looking at Network and Voice, but trust me, let’s have a conversation about UC, I have 50+ options that are great, let’s talk about Cybersecurity.’ Selling across the stack lets you grow revenue and makes your customer more sticky for you.”

Completing the tour, Denise next looked at Scout for Solutions, a Partner-branded version of the Sandler Portal, without any Sandler branding, giving Partners the ability to showcase the tools they need, including SCOUT, Solutions Finder, and more during demos with customers.

All tools and resources are available to Partners free of charge. Investing in productivity/sales tools and resources is investing in Partner success. Personal connection will always be a key element of what Sandler Partners is known for, Partners connecting with their Channel Managers, Sales Engineers, and other support teams. Many Partners work together with their team utilizing these tools, offering another way to collaborate. The session included more examples, illustrations, and in-depth looks at the tools you have available as a Sandler Partner. Get the full story by watching the session recording, available now: