Date and Time: Tuesday & Wednesday, October 17th and 18th at 10 AM PT/1 PM PT

Day 1 Featuring: Gerry Davis, SVP Sales Engineering and Ben Edwards, Director of Sales Engineering – West Region

Day 2 Featuring: Astound, Avaya, Ooma, and Zoom

Organizations’ tech requirements have evolved. Microsoft Teams is a centerpiece. Feature-rich Cloud-hosted communications software has replaced on-premises phone systems. Expansive communications and collaboration tools are often integrated together for both ease of use and management. UCaaS unites and syncs voice, SMS text, internal team messaging, collaboration features, and video conferencing into a single platform. CPaaS provides APIs and tools for developers to embed Cloud-based communications (video, voice, IVR, text messaging) in existing applications. In this webinar, you’ll learn terms, approaches, how customers benefit, and how to answer their requirements and concerns.

2 DAY FORMAT | Presentation + Q&A

Day 1 (Approx. 1 hour + QA) | Tues., Oct 17th: Sales Engineers Gerry Davis and Ben Ben Edwards provide a brief vendor-agnostic overview of technology distinctions, typical feature sets, and how to initiate conversations that highlight client benefits. They’ll also examine diverse approaches, including when MS Teams makes sense, effective questioning during discovery, and the resources at your disposal. Additional discussions on industry-specific and real-world applications will enable you to address your customers’ requirements and articulate the benefits they can achieve.

Day 2 (Approx. 1 hour + QA) | Wed., Oct 18th: Ben returns for day 2, hosting a discussion with various Providers to look at their distinctive solutions, optimal applications, and strategies for guiding your conversations with customers. We’ll also look at how your Sandler Partners team can assist you as an integral part of your effort to craft a solution design that aligns with your customers’ needs.