Sandler Partners 2024 HQ Event

Today’s latest Communication and Collaboration solutions can offer so many options to help organizations streamline their processes, improve customer experience, access/protect/leverage data, and find efficiencies that result in cost savings, a happier workforce, and actionable intelligence. Ben Edwards, and representatives from Dialpad, GigTel, GoTo, Sinch, and discuss their solutions that extend across the UCaaS, CPaaS, CCaaS, and CX space – offered as broad all-you-need platforms, stand-alone single-purpose applications, or sitting in front of different platform offerings.

Ben Edwards, Director, Sales Engineer – West introduced the topic and shared a few use cases where this technology deeply impacted an organization’s operations for employees, management, and customers. He also discussed strong ways to start the conversation, like MS Teams and AI integrations, that help Partners stay in front of the customer for the long term with more opportunity to deliver more technology solutions.

There are so many use cases that used to fall into a black hole. Data is the new oil, and wherever you find it, you can benefit from it!

Each Provider representative was introduced and spoke about their solutions, while providing additional details:

Dialpad discussed their proprietary AI and LLM (Large Language Module) that powers their all-in-one collaboration and customer intelligence platform – voice, video, Contact Center, omnichannel, chat, digital engagement, basically any way a customer interacts on a platform. With AI transcribing and analyzing everything said and delivering insights back to the business and agent in real-time.

GigTel emphasized how easy their solutions are to adopt for small and medium businesses, with everything included in their basic, standard, and advanced pricing.  They also offer the 24/7 US-based support which customers are constantly asking for. With many premise-based phone systems “falling apart” they offer Partners a low-hanging fruit to replace outdated technology with a superior UCaaS alternative.

GoTo highlighted their 3-prong approach to CX Strategy. 1) UCaaS with licenses. 2). Customer Engagement Platform for small business (with centralized inbox, social channels, and built-in SMS platform). 3) Contact Center Complete (UC and CC in a single pane of glass, with AI.

Sinch noted that while the largest companies buy CPaaS, small companies do as well. Cloud API solutions for CPaaS connects networks across the world with voice, fax, and messaging. With people communicating more via text now, with an open rate of 98% within 90 seconds, it’s incredibly important to discuss a client’s mobile strategy. discussed their ease of use and ability to empower organizations to communicate with customers in the channels of their choice. Easy to adopt, it sits in front of any CCaaS platform and generally begins with a few test use cases, which upon seeing results the customer quickly wants more. It’s a great way to automate high-use cases and look after customers 24/7.

Hospitality is an opportunity – have an AI answer a room service call and fulfill the customer’s request!

The best way to understand how a Provider uses AI is to ask for a demo. Your Sandler Partners’ Channel Manager or your dedicated Sales Engineer can arrange it. It’ll help ground how you see their LLM, generative capabilities, and how their services directly relate to your customer’s interests. It’s also a great way to start a relationship that often includes placing these Provider’s salespeople in front of your customer. There’s no risk, they’re dedicated to supporting you, only getting paid for sales that are tied to when you, as a Sandler Partner, has success.

A great first step is to visit your Sandler Portal. Review Provider pages and utilize Solutions Finder for a simple click-based guided discovery. It’s so fast and offers great results! The tool can speed up your workflow and give you actionable information and a self-branded proposal document. Don’t let this be the end of the conversation, reach out to your Sandler Partners support team or directly to the Providers to keep the dialog going!