Sandler Partners 2024 HQ Event

The topics of IT Infrastructure and Security are intertwined – hardening the connective tissue between networks, systems, and data can help keep organizations safe and ensure business continuity. With more ways to connect than ever, without diminishing speed and capability, organizations have so many choices to get connected fast while maintaining their security posture. The statistics driving this necessity are chilling, including:

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Sandler Partners’ Sales Engineers Andy Rustad, Director, Sales Engineer – East and Dave Povlick, Sales Engineer – Midwest recently sat down with representatives of AireSpring, Comcast, Hyperion, NHC, and Spectrum to discuss connectivity approaches and the ways they can be fully optimized and secured. to discuss Connectivity approaches and the ways they can be fully optimized and secured. Examples of how Partners can expand the conversation include the necessity of establishing failover (secondary connections), with a drop-in appliance that costs very little, add a router, add a firewall, talk about Cybersecurity, and addressing the need for people to work from anywhere, leading to UCaaS-CPaaS solutions or even a simple VPN. Each element is another place to build commissions, and more importantly, stay in front of customers for future opportunities!

Each Provider representative was introduced and spoke about their solutions, while providing additional details:

AireSpring highlighted how they offer global Connectivity, Communications, and Security solutions, fully managed with personalized support from a single source – which appeals to many organizations who are looking to have fewer vendors. Being on 4 continents, with reach all over the United States and Canada, they can help with complex needs spanning Managed Connectivity, dedicated fiber, VMware, Network aggregation, plus, Cybersecurity, Network/Voice, and UC/Collaboration).

Comcast offers a very diverse range of technologies, from Comcast’s cost-effective flexible solutions (made possible by possessing one of the largest coax/fiber networks across 38 states) to Masergy’s inspired white-glove domestic and international MPLS/multisite trunking, plus their ability to deliver on complex opportunities requiring video and real-time applications. They service multi-site customers, offering customized services for Cybersecurity, Contact Center/CX, Network & Voice, SD-WAN, and UC/Collaboration.

Hyperion offered a high-level summary, “We do wireless direct” including AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile plus failovers, routers, phones, tablets, static IPs, and fixed wireless. They noted that while the last important mile can take 2 or 3 months to put in place, wireless is a wonderful interim solution, with carriers aggressively building out their networks and offering more set pricing/speeds with no throttling. Fixed wireless is becoming commonplace – the speed is there and so is the demand!

NHC shared that their focus and where they shine is in managed aggregation across Providers and across the United States and Canada, all with outstanding support. They also sell other services (Contact Center/CX, SD-WAN, UC/Collaboration, Network) on top of their own coast-to-coast voice network. They asked Partners to note the high SPIFF they offer and how with no direct sales force, they don’t compete against you, they work with you.

Spectrum wants to be known as more than just a Connectivity company that manages circuits (with 100% SLAs on all circuits). They see themselves as a construction company, with strong Managed Services that offer the full stack to meet customers wherever they are across the nation. What’s more, if you’re having a problem getting to the sight they offer up to $100,000 construction ($10,000 per site) to see the job completed.

4G is a 4-lane highway, (while) 5G is a 20-lane, but the network is still being built so 4G may be faster in some markets!

Make sure to look into these Providers. Meet with them and learn about the services, solutions, and capabilities they offer – which often go way beyond what you may think. Partners, visit your Sandler Portal and review each Provider page for more in-depth details. You’ll also often see them show up in your results when looking up pricing and serviceability in SCOUT as well as in Solutions Finder during your guided discovery, regardless of what solution category you click through. As always, pick up the conversation with your Channel Manager or regional Sales Engineer, they can introduce you to the reps who support your area if you don’t already know them. The Sandler Partners’ community has built some wonderful relationships, and you can step into them from day one, just by being a Sandler Partner!