Sandler Partners recently worked with Cato Networks to smoothly implement SASE solutions at a multisite dispensary — enabling the client with a converged cloud next-gen security and SD-WAN solution. The customer currently has five sites and has growth potential, making security essential for all of their onsite, remote, and cloud users/locations. They previously tried to implement the desired technology themselves, to no avail. With the help of Sandler Partners, the multisite dispensary had their SASE needs met with the implementation of a single pane-of-glass solution that allows them to monitor their network and security.


  • Marijuana/Cannabis Dispensary with 100+ employees
  • Based in the West Coast with five Sites and high company growth potential


The customer indicated a need for a modern and next-gen solution to monitor and manage both their network and security. They were looking to get a SASE cloud converged security and net­work optimization model out of this technology solution.

The client was unable to get this technology on their own — they tried and failed. In order to inte­grate this technology, they inquired about Cato’s solution, which then got them exactly what they needed. Advocates within the organization who were decision makers or influencers of this sale were their outside technology consultant and their internal head of operations.


After seeing the demo and seeing how the solution could eliminate all unnecessary point solutions, they landed on this specific technology. Sandler Partners was able to solve their unique challenges by identifying a partner who had exactly what they needed rather than source multiple point solu­tions for them.

Other providers were also considered, but they were only able to offer SD-WAN and didn’t have a complete SASE offering, which was something the customer was looking for. Demos were ar­ranged.


  • How did the process of the sale play out? Customer initially signed for SD-WAN only, but that same day, they decided to launch their entire network to a true SASE solution
  • How was their initial goal achieved with this purchase? To have next gen security and network on a global cloud software stack
  • What is the timing of this sales process implementation and solution contract length? Sales process was less than 2 weeks and implementation process will be less than 30 days


  • Benefits Achieved — Most importantly, they gained a single pane of glass that allows them to fully manage and monitor their network and security for their West Coast locations. They have peace of mind and next gen security which protects them against all threats and attacks. They can easily scale and grow due to this being a SASE solution.
  • New Solution Outcome —Customer eliminated all legacy VPN, MPLS, Point-to-Point and end-of-life firewalls and replaced them with a simple and single Cato SASE solution.


  • Significant commission on monthly MRR
  • A new, 36-month agreement for 5 locations
  • An enhanced customer relationship with the opportunity to provide many other Sandler Partner sourced providers
  • Opportunity for a second phase of expansion into other product categories that the partner didn’t previously sell to this customer
  • Very sticky relationship between agent/customer/provider