Customer Experience (CX) is the ultimate measure of relationship, and encompasses any interaction a brand has internally or externally, whether it’s a big or even a little touch. This can include Contact Centers, brick-and-mortar, and even service portals/kiosks or support solutions. Winning customers comes from knowing and engaging with them. A great experience is the ultimate goal for every organization and leads to positive outcomes measured by increased purchases, advocacy, loyalty, referrals, or even simple sentiment markers.

This can be a challenge because customers set the level of expectation, not the organization. Expectations can be exceeded, but at the end of the day, it is only their expectation that matters. Having the right solutions and approaches in place can help shape the conversation, but as with any good relationship, listening and hearing are what will rule the day.

There are some universal truths on what to prioritize, including certain benchmarks that you can focus on across the business. They are:

  • Speed of Response
  • Convenience
  • Consistency
  • Friendliness

Benefits/Considerations in Adopting a CX Platform:


When done right, an authentic connection will be created between the audience and an organization that keeps them engaged and moving forward in the desired direction. Technology also gives the ability to scale, prioritize, and regiment these attributes consistently.

Take a look at 8×8’s Experience Communications PlatformTM as a great example of an expansive intuitive single secure Cloud platform that makes it easy to collaborate with agents and improve customers’ experiences. An intelligent Customer Assistant (powered by AI) can work with the customer without agent involvement while retaining every element of the conversation. You can also connect faster with omnichannel routing, delivering live service across voice and an array of digital channels. Agents and Supervisors both get a workspace to encourage growth and insights that come with full visibility and first-rate analytics!

Gain next-level connection comes by empowering management and agents with the tools and resources that allow them to truly delight the customer. These tools can include automation to look after some of the repetitious tasks and streamline your customer’s journey, omnichannel communications to meet customers where they want to be, like on their favorite social media site, or AI that can listen to predict and suggest resources for an interaction.

“18% of customers will walk away after just one bad experience”

There’s a lot at stake. Many organizations are competing primarily on experience, having a great product/service offering is just the start. Partners can offer their clients a variety of technology solutions, stand-alone or in combination, that can help them achieve their best CX, and thrive in the marketplace. This is extremely important to every organization, with so many options available today, research shows that for a majority of consumers, one bad experience will lead them to move to an alternative source. That bad experience can be having to wait, having to repeat their situation multiple times, or even a failure to anticipate what they want.

Broadvoice is a top CCaaS, CX, and AI Provider that consistently achieves high CSAT scores of 90-95%, and stands behind a 100% SLA with credits if it’s not achieved. Their average customer stays with them for 7 years, which shows they are earning some loyalty. The new core of their CX Portfolio GoAI, which helps organizations simplify their communications while automating and innovating with intelligence. This routinely saves customers money, creates an exceptional customer experience, and offers a competitive edge in an increasingly dynamic landscape. This can be part of a larger Broadvoice solution approach, integrate with a different platform, or bring new functionality to a legacy PBX.

If you would like to learn more, make sure you RSVP and attend our upcoming “Learn, Engage, and Grow Customer Relationships with CX & CCaaS Solutions” tech panel webinar on July 16th and 17th. RSVP below!


As a Partner, having these CX conversations with your clients doesn’t mean you have to be an expert in the technology. Reach out to your dedicated Sales Engineer (found on your Sandler Portal Dashboard) with any Contact Center/CX opportunities, and they will loop me into the conversation as needed! I look forward to being a resource for you, and don’t forget to learn more about the support our Sales Engineering team can offer by visiting the Sales Engineering page! Visit our CX and Contact Center as a Service webpage to learn more about this technology, including links to another very informative CX-CCaaS blog post and a few videos we’ve developed on the topic. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, CX is a topic I’m passionate about, and always enjoy discussing!


Ben Edwards

Ben Edwards is the Director, Sales Engineer - West. With a wealth of experience working with senior executives and leaders, Ben is a recognized expert in Customer Experience and CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) who excels at discussing, proposing, and addressing the technical needs of businesses. His unique skillset combination of customer-facing and technology provider experience enables him to effectively partner with clients to deliver tailored solutions that meet their specific requirements. He is highly experienced in providing CCaaS solutions to a diverse range of businesses and has a proven track record of delivering results.