Gerry Davis, Sandler Partners’ SVP, Sales Engineering, and Connor Revsbeck, Dialpad Channel Sales Engineer got together to discuss a recent project that took advantage of Dialpad AI, in a space you normally wouldn’t associate Generative AI – a moving company! The benefits when you think it through are obvious – advanced calling features that provide customer insights, assistive/automating processes for customers/employees (consistency of experience and faster employee onboarding), and employee scoring/coaching/oversight!

It just goes to show that every business in any industry can benefit from this kind of technology and features. One particularly useful feature was Dialpad’s AI Playbooks, where in real-time the AI goes through and crosses off scripts/landmark requirements based on the employee representatives’ movement through the conversation – from getting required details to presenting upsell opportunities that are crucial for revenue generation! This makes it so much easier and consistent, whether it’s the rep’s first week on the job or 351st. Nothing forgotten, nothing missed!

Dialpad provides a singular UC (Unified Communications – back office, employee) and CC (Contact Center – customer facing, support inbound communications) in one application, with the ability to add on features as the customer’s needs grow or they look to solve specific challenges. This is incredibly easy to do, with no additional SLAs or statements of work. The real-time nature of Dialpad AI is making a difference for engagement, customer experience (for reps and customers), managers, and business growth. Watch the full video to learn even more.