Sandler Partners 101 Workshop

This is a Sander Partners exclusive event! Join us on April 22 for a Q&A with your Sandler resource team and some of the best in the business. Learn how to get started or re-engage and leverage the many resources available to you throughout a lifecycle of a deal. We’ll review a few sales scenarios and walk you through how Sandler resources can contribute to your success and get more money in your pocket.

Be as involved as you’d like with Sandler’s A-to-Z solutions and support behind you as you deliver what your clients need, big and small!

  • Hear from our expert team who can help you with solution design and implementations
  • Meet the commissions team that has your back to ensure you always get paid
  • Become a power user of the Sandler Portal and access the latest marketing collateral
  • Learn the best way to quickly access pricing or carrier recommendation

This session is only for Partners who have already signed up with Sandler Partners. The Partner 101 Workshop is designed for Partners who are new as of the past 12 months or Partners who have signed more than 12 months ago and are looking to start selling and launch with Sandler.