Date and Time:

  • Wednesday, May 12 at 10-11 AM PT
  • Thursday, May 13 at 10-11 AM PT

Host: Eric Beller, SVP of Sales & Complex Solutions and Kamran Kowsari, Sales Engineer

With shifts in the work environment, outsourcing IT operations and management partially or fully to a third-party company is becoming more of a customer demand. Managed IT companies, or Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can become a key player and help you win big, and Sandler Partners is here to help you master your next client conversation.

Tech Master Series on managed IT

Join the Sandler Sales Engineering Team, Eric Beller and Kamran Kowsari, this May 12 and 13 from 10-11 AM PT for a tech Master Series on Managed IT Services. This will be an educational, one-hour-per-day session that will highlight the ins and outs of this solution, so you can amplify your technology expertise and master your next client conversation.

Day one will break down what Managed IT Services is, why it matters, and the most common types of available offerings. Services such as Endpoint Management, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, Servers, Helpdesk, Virtual CIO, and more will be covered so you can understand pros and cons of the variety of options out there. Sales Engineers Eric and Kamran will also highlight key discovery questions to assist Partners and use cases to help pinpoint an opportunity.

Day two will be a roundtable discussion with the Sandler Sales Engineering team and TPX, Fusion Connect, and Windstream to discuss insights into key solutions in the industry. We’ll dive into how to pick the best MSP, determining factors for implementing Managed IT Services, and resources Sandler has to help you win more business and retain client relationships.