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Put the Sales Engineering team on the call, and win over your customer. Relationships matter, it’s a huge component of the sales process. Partners get in front of their customers, and provide the expertise to identify and meet their requirement, now and into the future. But it’s hard to be an expert on everything, which is why you have a team of experienced Sales Engineers, to support your expertise, and to calmly and efficiently advocate for you and your customer’s best interests.


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Evaluating Sales Opportunities

Research Their Needs

Work the way we do. Take an impartial look at the customer’s organization to understand their current situation, and be better prepared to engage them in conversation. Vertical or industries, public or private, our Sales Engineers can deliver expertise and the fresh perspective Partners need to close the deal.

Evaluate Their Situation

How many companies, and invoices, does the customer have to work with for their current approach? Finding an approach that meets their needs may be just part of the attractive offering, we can also help you find ways to simplify their daily, weekly, monthly, or even annual technology tasks and responsibilities.

Be Their Consultative Advocate

Yes, solutions will be sold, but at the end of the day our role as technology professionals is to solve problems and position the customer for success. There are so many options, combinations, and outcomes that are possible. We help you eliminate the variables, so your expertise shines, and your customers succeed.

Focus on Their Business Goals

Why? It’s a very simple question. It’s also the question that will reverberate down through the decision chain. Closely aligning solutions to business goals, and using technology solutions to help divine potential business avenues, turns the technology expert into a strategic business partner and agent of growth.

On Demand Resources – Curated Information and Tools

Sandler Portal

The Sandler Portal is full of tools, information, and tutorials. One of our team’s responsibilities is to ensure that Partners have 24/7/365 accurate Provider information, including appraisals of past performance, and other relevant considerations.

Learn About the Sandler Portal

Conversation Starter

Guide the conversation, identify needs, and existing capabilities with Sandler Partners’ Conversation Starter questionnaire. These easy-to-follow flyers can even be easily customized with your logo/contact information to use as a marketing tool.

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Engage the Experts, With Your Advocate Expert

Our Provider partners have a wealth of resources, including hundreds of inhouse Sales Engineers who know their products, development cycles, and best practices. They know them very well, can often contrast their product against competitors, and will impeccably promote their product.

Your Sales Engineers, as a Sandler Partner, go one step further, taking a holistic look at the client’s situation, including their current legacy solutions, what’s available, their pros and cons, and how they meet the needs of the customers situation, and their growth potential into the future. This is a complete 360º evaluation, fully agnostic, appraisal to find the most capable budget friendly approach. We work regularly with Provider Sales Engineers, with reciprocal respect, to advocate the best solution approach whether it be from a single Provider or a group of complementary technologies.

Your Team, Your Trusted Experts

Led by Gerry Davis Jr., our department works directly to support our Partners, across the nation, with in-depth expertise across all categories and verticals. Reach out directly to the Sales Engineering, or, if you’re already a Partner, ask your Channel Manager to schedule a meeting to discuss how an SE can help you grow your business. Here are a few of our Sales Engineering leaders:

Gerry Davis VP and Sales Engineer

Gerry Davis, SVP Sales Engineering

[email protected]

Eric Beller SVP Complex Sales

Eric Beller, SVP Complex Solutions

[email protected]

Ben Edwards, Director, Sales Engineer – West

[email protected]

Andy Rustad, Director, Sales Engineer – East

[email protected]

David Povlick

David Povlick, Senior Sales Engineer - Midwest

[email protected]

Take the Next Step, We’re There With You

Sandler Partners is more than just a broker of services, we are a community! Partners, like you, are empowered to be more competitive in existing pursuits, able diversify into new areas, and expand both potential revenue and services/products offered. You also gain a complete network of 200+ Providers, commissions experts, power closers, and dedicated Sales Engineers — for greater adaptability, capability, and stability.

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