Technology services distributor Sandler Partners continues to add functionality to the Sandler Portal SCOUT tool allowing partners to generate instant pricing in just a few simple steps.

REDONDO BEACH, CALIFORNIA — November 4, 2021 — The Sandler Portal SCOUT tool is already used by thousands of agents who type in an address to find which provider’s bandwidth is available for customers at a specific location. Now they are able to generate instant pricing for Comcast, Cox, and Spectrum cable internet, phone, and TV services directly within the tool! In just a few quick steps, starting in SCOUT, Partners are able to:

  1. Look up an address that needs new services
  2. Select the cable company to price out (Spectrum, Cox, or Comcast)
  3. Select the services that match the customer’s needs and apply any available packages/promotions
  4. Create an immediate, accurate proposal for the client

This update, available to all portal users, helps partners and back-office teams generate the best pricing for customers and get it in their hands fast. Whatever hour of the day, or night, you have instant pricing without having to wait on a live person — making life a lot easier for the typical agent workaholic. Log in to the portal, get your instant cable prices send the pricing offer to your customer with one click! Move on to your next action item. Incredibly easy to use, Partners can find a short tutorial video posted on the portal or take part in training sessions that will be offered directly to Partners.

“We’re always looking for ways to bring more functionality, increase responsiveness and decrease the burdens that our Partner agents face each day, “states Denise Navarro, Sandler Partners Portal Experience Manager. “Our Partners are great at providing feedback and letting us know areas where we can help. Plus, our in-house team of industry veterans’ ability to anticipate and innovate has been amazing! We have even more great stuff coming in the future!”

The SCOUT tool upgrade is the latest of many planned enhancements to the Sandler Portal. Additional announcements and communications will be published as the updates are brought online.


About the Sandler Portal
The Sandler Portal is the destination for Partner agents to advance their business. Once logged in, the Partner can see commission rate sheets/reports, promos, SPIFFs, review a detailed provider library, create marketing/social campaigns, watch educational videos, read case studies/industry news, download documents, leverage tools, participate in training and much more!