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Any delay can be the difference between landing the deal, and losing it. With SCOUT, Partner agents can find 100% accurate information, including cable pricing, in the time it takes to review a proposal. Imagine, a process that used to take hours, days or even a week, can know be generated immediately into a client ready proposal that includes all current promotions. Know what’s available, before anyone else.

Here’s How SCOUT Works – Single Address


Address Lookup

Enter the address. Start typing and the predictive interface will help you find the address, and give you options. You can also cut and past the address into the field, but typing tends to have the highest accuracy.

See Services and Promotions

Once you have the address, you’ll be presented with your options — from available providers to different service levels/additional products to active promotions that can sweeten the deal or improve your proposal price.


Select Options

Everything available is laid out before you — Promotions, Internet Speed, Phone Service, Television, Wireless Backup, Wifi, Static IPs — click a few boxes and radials and the cost breakout will appear on the right.


Generate Proposal

Once you have selected all the elements of the proposal, you have the option of printing out your client ready proposal or create a pdf that can be forwarded. Onsite? Simple show your client what’s on your screen!

See For Yourself — It’s Really Easy (but Alan still asked for a video)

Sandler Partners SCOUT

Bulk Lookup

Enter your addresses to a .CSV spreadsheet, upload to SCOUT and you’ll have results in just a few minutes. Work with your findings directly in your Sandler Portal, or download as a spreadsheet. Addresses will be standardized with all the information you need to move forward with the project, while staying ahead of the competition.

Download .CSV Spreadsheet

Access SCOUT in 4 Steps

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Step 1: Be a Partner

Being a Sandler Partner agent gives you so many leverageable advantages — from the industry's best contracts to tools like SCOUT.

Become a Partner

Step 2: Go to the Sandler Portal

The Sandler Portal is the destination to unlock rich resources, tools and other informational sources designed to advance your success.

Login to Portal

Step 3: Click on SCOUT

Once you have logged into the Sandler Portal look to the left-hand navigation, SCOUT is the first in the list of Sales Tools.

Watch Video Tutorial

Step 4: You’re In, Get Started

Take SCOUT for a spin and then look at our other Sales Tools. You also now have access to our full Educational, Marketing, Provider Library and Commission resources.

Got Questions?

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Sandler Partners SCOUT Cable Pricing Tool, Spectrum, Cox, Comcast

Portal Training Session

Learn About SCOUT and the Sandler Portal. SCOUT is one part of the Sandler Portal, our Partner agents are able to benefit and track their business activities including

  • Finding Solutions/Provider Information
  • Case Studies
  • Educational Videos/Accreditation
  • Sandler Events/Industry News
  • Existing Orders/Statements
  • SPIFFS/Promotions
  • Marketing, Social, and Collateral Campaigns
  • Commission/Payment/Referral Information (100% Transparent)
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