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Partners run their businesses through the Sandler Portal – selling more, increasing efficiency, and thriving with this magic tool. Check the financial side including orders, commission rates, and contracts. Access tools to help source information, get accurate instant cable pricing, and compare available solutions. Customize/distribute marketing email and social campaigns plus collateral and microsites. Review training videos, courses, case studies, and industry news and dig into the specifics of your 200+ Provider portfolio.

Speed, Relevance, and Functionality: Your Sandler Portal, Built Around You

Your Portal is centered around you – giving you the information you need fast, and the ability to dive deeper to gain more clarity. Your dashboard provides graphs of 12 months of submitted orders and commissions, click a month for more detail and you’ll also see the names and contact info for your dedicated team! Take a look at your personalized Portal dashboard and review the status of potential deals, and inquiries on existing deals by visiting My Opportunities and/or My Inquiries.

Transparency is the Keyword, Strong Deals the Keystone: Portal Commission Oversight

Sandler Partners is known for having the most meticulously negotiated deals in the industry. We offer full rate disclosure, Evergreen ever-paying contracts, tenacious proactive auditing (over $15.5 million, as of April 2023, in commissions owed to our Partners – 20 audit inquiries for every 1 opened by Partners), flex payment options, and a “Pay Me Now” program where you can sell part/all of your deal. In the Portal you can:

Sandler Portal tools

Dive Right In and Get the Job Done: Useful Sales Tools/Resources

SCOUT Cable Pricing Tool

SCOUT Connectivity Lookup

Real-time pricing, 100% accurate, & current. SCOUT incorporates Provider APIs to pull the latest info directly from their systems. Lookup addresses (1- 500), services offered, current pricing, available promotions, and generate ready-to-submit proposals for internet, phone & TV services. You’ll even see when construction is required, and orders can’t be placed.

The Solutions Finder Tool

Solutions Finder/Index

This is your easy-to-use search tool; filter the solutions options you need from available Providers by one or many variables. Specify category or enter keywords relevant to the given deal. You can even take a closer look at each Provider’s strengths (full company bio), commission structure, SPIFFS, promotions, training, contracts, and the steps you need to take to work with them.

SPIFFS & Promotion Tracker

SPIFF/Promotion Tracker

Incentives change the nature of a deal, paying a bonus, often expressed as a multiplier, for a sale which greatly impacts your revenue! With the SPIFF & Promotion Trackers you see an overview of what is available, read the high-level synapsis, and dig into all of the details. Take advantage of current SPIFFs and promotions to put your company ahead – for winning business and increasing profits.

Provider Pages

Provider and Product Info

You can clarify sales strategy for your customers at a glance. Review Provider information alphabetically, by newest Providers, and category. Select a Provider page to see key information that expands to provide more detail, including categories offered, verticals/organization size they work with, what they’re particularly good at, agreement, SPIFFs, promotions, trainings, and more.

Scout for Solutions

Present and engage with clients, using your personalized sales portal – featuring your brand elements (colors/logo), without the Sandler brand, and the information/resources you need. Walk customers through the sales process, giving the best recommendations (with potential upsell/cross-sells) and generate accurate pricing & quoting while guiding them to the best solutions for their needs. Working with them in real-time can be your advantage! Access Scout for Solutions from within your Sandler Portal.

Education and Video Library

Sandler Education and Video Library

Knowledge is power. People learn differently. We are committed to providing a varied and deep destination for you to learn about your industry and craft. Our education section has videos, webinars, case studies, industry news, and security awareness training/accreditation. You’ll also find Provider education materials and information from past Sandler Partner Events (replays, recaps, and resource materials).


Dynamic Events Listings

Sandler Dynamic Events Listings

Find and search (set parameters to refine your list) upcoming technology networking & educational opportunities – online, in-person, large or small, within our community, held by a Provider, or open to the industry. Search by event type, event goal (networking/education), State, and Region. Set preferences to key in on what interests you. You can even find events for when you’re traveling and away from home!


Promote Your Business, Build Your Brand, Advance Your Status

Marketing Center and Marketing Materials

Find a world of customizable tech-focused campaigns – collateral, microsite, email, and even social posts with graphics! The Marketing Center lets you enter your information, upload graphics (like logos), revise, and deploy — create/import distribution lists, track campaigns, and gain insights on your efforts and customers. Social campaigns, through the system, are a particularly good way to position yourself as an expert with very little effort!

Learn About Marketing Center

Take the Next Step, Our Partners Succeed

We are more than just a broker of services, we are a community where everyone is accepted! Partner is in our name for a reason, a statement to our culture of putting the Partner first transcends in-person events, existing everywhere, even in the tools you have access to 24/7 and the team that stands behind you. As a Partner you become positioned to be more competitive and diversified while expanding your revenue potential and services/products offered. You also gain a complete network of Providers, consultants and power closers — for greater adaptability and stability. Don’t forget you can structure your revenue by choosing upfront or recurring commission structures!

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