This Partner’s specialty is Cybersecurity. During the ongoing conversation with their client, the need for additional technology was discovered. In a textbook example of teamwork, the Partner, Channel Manager, Sales Engineer, and Provider worked with the customer to fully discover their needs and propose a technology approach that would answer their pain points while allowing for future growth. In particular, this innovative Healthcare benefits manager was able to overcome numerous hurdles, including stringent security concerns, integration of MS Teams/Okta, improvements to administration, and achievement of the analytics and reporting functions they’ve been missing. The solution that was chosen, a robust mix of Contact Center and UC functionality, underwent an extensive Proof of Concept (POC) with trial users and emerged with overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Customer Profile:

  • Healthcare Provider
  • 480 UC seats
  • 120 Contact Center seats
  • Canadian-based organization


First and foremost, the objective was to help the Partner’s existing customer, a health benefits manager, transition away from their existing on-premises Cisco UC/CC solution to achieve better collaborative capabilities across the organization at a desirable cost. Discovery occurred organically, with the customer sharing their business problems with their trusted expert and the Partner expanding beyond their traditional offering to meet the need. The Sandler Partners team also sought to meet the additional goals of enabling the management of remote users/drivers while gaining access to enhanced reports and analytics on the Contact Center side.


Updating the customer’s legacy technology, an on-premises solution, would be cost-prohibitive and require a large effort to bring it up to their desired requirements, exceeding their budget and placing a huge demand on their IT department. Modern Healthcare requires an expansive and engaging approach to help people when they may be at their most vulnerable and challenged by a system that’s hard to navigate. The team understood these considerations and looked to address security and patient privacy concerns, as required by law and as a solid business practice. The customer reviewed solutions by DialPad, Genesys, and Cisco.


The Sandler Partners team provided a single platform to seamlessly handle the entire CX end-to-end – encompassing a Customer Intelligence Platform, AI-powered CX, Workforce Management, Advanced Reporting, Digital Engagement, and Agent Assist add-ons. The customer was impressed with the solutions’ infrastructure, flexibility, AI capabilities, and success in the Healthcare vertical. The Partner advocated for additional training to ensure the best customer experience possible.

Partner Gain:

  • $45K MRR over 5 years, paid annually
  • $2.7 million TCV
  • Opened the door to a larger opportunity (with the parent company) that may close in Q4 2023