Dynamically Discover and Filter Providers with A Few Clicks

As a Partner, you have hundreds of Providers available, all with their own unique features for each solution. Choosing the right technology for your customer has become increasingly difficult…until now! Solutions Finder is a FREE tool for all Partners – helping to identify, compare, and qualify the right solutions to offer your customers. Just like a car shopping or flight booking app, choose a category, select customer requirements, and key features. Check service area and compliance if required. With just a few clicks you have results, letting you generate detailed comparisons and reports with your branding.

Here’s How Solutions Finder Works

Solution Category, Solutions Finder

Select a Solution Category

like CCaaS, UCaaS, Cybersecurity, or ‘Across the Stack’.

Refine Your Search, Solutions Finder

Refine Your Search

with discovery questions like key features/service area.

Narrow Down and Select Providers, Solutions Finder

Narrow Down and Select Providers

that meet your customers specific requirements.

Create a detailed matrix/report, solutions finder

Create a Detailed Comparison Matrix/Report

and present detailed self-branded results to your customers.

See a Full Solutions Finder Walkthrough in Just 4 Minutes

See how simple it is to use Solutions Finder and the quality of results you can gain so fast. You’re in complete control, select your parameters with a few clicks, choose which Providers you want to review further, and even order the results according to your preferences.


Other Leading Sandler Portal Tools


Type in an address for instant bandwidth availability/pricing lookup and produce a proposal. Utilizing Provider API’s give up-to-the-minute accurate pricing and promotions. SCOUT can also allow you to perform bulk lookups for multi-location customers.


Scout for Solutions

Scout for Solutions is your branded version of the Sandler Portal, without any Sandler branding, giving you the ability to showcase SCOUT, Solutions Finder, and more during presentations with your customers. Access via the Sales Tools menu in your Portal.


Marketing Center

A free Partner marketing platform that lets you customize pre-built content; emails, social posts, microsites, collateral, flyers, scoping documents; with your branding, send campaigns to existing and prospective customers, and analyze results!


The Competitive Tools & Resources Partners Ask For, Developed In-House

The dedicated technology innovation team prioritizes investments and development based on Partner feedback and needs, working to provide the most powerful Portal in the industry. Tools are built in-house with Partner benefit in mind. The Sandler Portal is home to everything needed to build and grow their business, including materials (case studies, conversation starters, scoping documents, reference guides), educational videos, industry news, event listings, and sales tools. Plus, Partners can keep track of their orders, review inquiries, and see their full commission/payment/referral information with daily updates.


Solutions Finder and Sandler Portal Training Session

Sandler Partners Solutions Finder

Knowing your available tools, and how to use them, can save you time, increase your accuracy, and make you more competitive. Each month Partners meet to learn what’s new in their Sandler Portal and how to use it as efficiently as possible. Join your community for a walkthrough of the Navigation, and Portal tools (emphasis on Solutions Finder, SCOUT, and Scout for Solutions), plus insights that can make a difference in your day-to-day business.


Take the Next Step, Join the Partner Community

Sandler Partners is more than just a broker of services; we are an independent community! Partner is in our name for a reason, a statement to our culture of putting the Partner first – across in-person events, 24/7 accessible tools, and the team that stands behind you. As a Partner, you become positioned to be more competitive and diversified while expanding your revenue potential and services/products offered. You also gain a complete network of Providers, consultants, power closers, and sales tools, like Solutions Finder, for greater adaptability and stability.