Sandler Portal Scout for Solutions

Technology Distributor Sandler Partners announces the launch of the Scout for Solutions, the latest sales and pricing tool available, free of charge, to help Partners grow their business.

REDONDO BEACH, California — June 12, 2023 — Sandler Partners announces the launch of Scout for Solutions, a customer-facing re-brandable version of the industry-leading Sandler Portal – created as a new empowerment tool for Partners. This selling tool offers a new level of immediacy for Partners to access Provider information, maps, pricing, and sales resources seamlessly branded with their own logo – to save time and effort, quickly walking customers through the sales process, giving the best informed recommendations, and guiding them to the best solutions for their requirements. All reporting tools to keep track of and manage commissions, and other sensitive information, are hidden.

Credibility/Prestige | Partners have their own Sales Portal! With tools, Provider information, and serviceability/pricing. Whether it’s in person or virtually, Scout for Solutions can help present confidently to enterprise customers and C-level executives.

New Way to Engage with Customers | Win and close the sale faster. While competitors need to come back at a later date with a solution, Partners conduct discovery in real-time, reducing steps and increasing the sense of collaboration that customers value.

Upsell/Cross Sell | During discovery, Scout for Solutions lets Partners ask more questions, reveal more opportunities, and showcase all the technologies offered – helping increase revenue, and meet more of the customer’s needs. This is the definition of win-win.

“Partners are the sole focus of everything that we do,” states Justin Marano, Chief Revenue Officer, “and when they ask for something, we get it for them. That’s how tools, like the new Scout for Solutions, are created. The ultimate goal, is always to provide the resources that empower you, our Partners, to build your business in the way that you want to, and bring the trusted expertise and technology solutions to your customers that address their needs.”

“Tools that assist Partners with their sales process will always help them be more successful,” continues Cesar Navarro, Vice President of Technology and Innovation, “the investment is always returned, many times over! The new Scout for Solutions tool lets Partners engage deeper with their customers – using fast accurate comprehensive information to work with the customer identifying the solutions they need, provide options, and deliver the approach that meets or even exceeds their requirements.”

To access Scout for Solutions, click your name at the top right of the Sandler Portal, and then click Scout for Solutions. Partners can learn more about the Scout for Solutions by visiting the Sandler Portal or contacting their Channel Manager, or Partner Experience rep. Not a Partner? Learn about the Sandler Portal, and the Advantages of Being a Partner, or start the conversation right now to Become a Partner – the community that’s focused on helping technology experts, like you, thrive!

About Sandler Partners
Sandler Partners is America’s fastest-growing independent Technology Solutions Distributor of Connectivity and Cloud services. They’ve expanded beyond their telecom roots to deliver best-in-class Cloud, Colocation, Mobility, Continuity, and Cybersecurity solutions. With over 200 suppliers, they’re able to remain vendor-agnostic, empowering the Partner community of sales agents, VARs, and MSPs to deliver the best price, performance, and products that address challenges and meet goals for organizations of all sizes, industries, and complexity, both now and as they evolve into the future.

How Our Partners Benefit, and their Customers, Benefit

Independently owned. Independent spirit. The Sandler Partner community gain access to an industry-leading support network of sales, marketing, and engineering professionals, plus the Sandler Portal’s Marketing Center (with customizable campaigns), and sales tools like SCOUT’s real-time cable pricing and the Solution Finder. Partners can rely on whatever level of support they need. Sandler Partners also have the industry’s strongest agreements and a proven track record of ensuring all commissions are found, tracked, and paid.